Nhat Tan apricot village prepares for Tet holiday
VietNamNet Bridge – Gardeners in Hanoi’s famous flower and apricot village of Nhat Tan are in a hurry to cultivate trees to prepare for the lunar New Year (Tet holiday), which is coming in over a month.

A gardener is pruning to urge the tree to have buds early.

This year the winter is not very cold so some trees have blossomed.

Apricot is the symbol of spring and apricot trees is a must-to-have thing in each Vietnamese
 family during the Tet holiday. Some gardeners are worried as apricot trees blossom early this year.

Some gardeners have to cut apricot trees to sell early.

A small branch of apricot is priced VND40,000 ($2).

Wild apricot trees do not have buds yet.

Gardeners are always worried because apricot trees blossom early in warm
weather and do not yield flowers in cold weather.