Thousands of youth voluntarily sign up for military service
2/15/2017 3:07:55 PM (GMT+7)
 Thousands of young people across the country voluntarily departed for military service today (Feb. 14), the Vietnam Military High Command has said.

Vietnam's six Kilo-class submarines in close up
2/15/2017 11:36:22 AM (GMT+7)
 Vietnam has so far received six 636 kilo-class submarines from Russia to modernise and enhance the capacity of its navy forces to defend the country's territorial waters.

Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day in Saigon
2/15/2017 11:21:43 AM (GMT+7)
 On the morning of February 14, Nguyen Van Cu Street in Ho Chi Minh City was dubbed the ‘pathway of love’ decked with a galore of brilliantly coloured gifts and flowers for that special person in one’s life.

Traditional cake festival in pictures
2/14/2017 7:09:45 PM (GMT+7)
 Residents in Trinh Xa village, Yen Ninh commune, Yen Dinh district, Thanh Hoa central province flock to a spring festival to make traditoinal cakes to offer to their tutelary god.

Soldiers lead peaceful life on Truong Sa archipelago
2/13/2017 6:02:14 PM (GMT+7)
 Soldiers serving on Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago have continuously stayed disciplined and ready for action while enjoying a peaceful daily-life activities.

Calligraphy for the New Year – a fine custom of Vietnamese culture
2/13/2017 4:12:44 PM (GMT+7)
For a long time, the Vietnamese custom of asking for and giving good words has become an indispensable traditional custom on the first days of the Lunar New Year. 

Pig procession festival in La Phu village
2/10/2017 4:24:30 PM (GMT+7)
A large number of local people and visitors joined the Pig Procession festival in La Phu village, Hoai Duc, Hanoi on February 9.

Thousands take to Hanoi outskirts for Lai Yen Festival
2/10/2017 3:52:30 PM (GMT+7)
 Thousands took to the Hanoi outskirts district of Hoai Duc on February 8 for the opening ceremonies of the five-day Lai Yen Festival.

Xoe festival – cultural beauty of northern ethnic minority groups
2/10/2017 10:10:00 AM (GMT+7)
 Xoe festival opened on the morning of February 8 in Sapa town of the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai province, attracting a large number of Mong, Tay, Dao and Xa Pho ethnic minority people as well as visitors.

Stunning beauty of bamboo water wheels
2/9/2017 4:38:46 PM (GMT+7)
Bamboo water wheels in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau is a new attraction for tourists as the New Year begins.

Thousands line Hanoi streets for palanquin procession
2/9/2017 4:04:26 PM (GMT+7)
 On February 8, thousands of people packed the streets of Hanoi to watch the chay kieu (palanquin) procession of the Phu Chua Festival at the Xuan Dinh Village in the Tu Liem District of Hanoi.

Fish praying festival opens in central Vietnam
2/9/2017 3:08:48 PM (GMT+7)
 On February 7, a festival to pray for a good fish harvest – the Cau Ngu Festival – opened in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue.