Best bars in Hanoi Old Quarter

VietNamNet Bridge - Enjoying a cocktail and chatting with new friends are the way to relaxat night when stopping at the Hanoi Old Quarter. Here are the top bars for foreign visitors, according to vnonline.


Rock Store

Address: 61 Ma May Street

Rockstore is a typical western bar in the Old Quarter and managed by Olivier Waryn, Swiss nationality. Although it recently openedin September 2013, thanks to its decoration and open space with rock style, the bar has quickly become a destination for many tourists to Hanoi.

The bars are inside a two-story yellow house of French architecture. First floor for the onsite bar serves wine, cocktails, mocktail, beer, etc. and has lounge chairs for small groups. The second floor has large lounge chairs for large groups and billiard tables, foosball, etc. The highlight of the bar is creatively bent lampposts.

If other bars open from afternoon to evening only, Rockstore opens all day and night.Every evening DJ performs or rock bands play live music. In addition to drinks, the bar serves snacks imbued with Vietnamese flavor as bun cha, spring rolls, etc.

Fat Cat Bar

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Address: 25 Ta Hien Street

Fat Cat Bar is also managed by Waryn Olivier and co-managed by his French friends. Compared with Rockstore, Fat Cat has a smaller area but is focused on “art menu” by ”keyboard witch” – Olivier Waryn.

Due to unique combination of a lively bar and gentle lounge, Fat Cat Bar creates a comfortable atmosphere. Customers mainly are foreigners. They can gather around the bar or sit outside the door, sip a few glasses of beer and talk for hours. Even if customers like sitting on floor, they can go up the loft inside bar.

Fat Cat Bar also regularly organizes music parties. Drinks favored here are beer and cocktails. If you want a featured drink, it is the cocktail Fat cat. Front stools are also a place where people enjoy a glass of lemonade for only VND30,000.

Funky B

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Address: 2 Ta Hien Street

Funky B (formerly called Funky Buddha) is a bar located at number 2 Ta Hien Street, known for house music, trance and techno. With many new and special playing styles, the bar is a very popular address for tourists and foreign communities living in Vietnam.

Compared to many other bars in the Old Quarter, Funky B has fairly large area with 2 bars carrying two different styles. 

Outside bar near the door is somewhat “ordinary”, while the bar inside is impressive with wine rack of bird cage shape. 

If you do not like busy atmosphere with DJ music inside, you can sit at outside bar, enjoy some drinks and happily chat with friends.

Finnegan’s Irish

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Address: 32 Luong Ngoc Quyen

The name Finnegan’s Irish seems to originate from a famous novel with Finnegans Wake by  Irish writer James Joyce. Located on the 2nd floor number 32 Luong Ngoc Quyen Street, Finnegan’s Irish has classic European design with wooden and leather furniture, creating black warm color.

The bar took advantage of maximum light and space to create different spaces for customer’s options. If entering alone, you can sit at the bar or if going in groups, select a table, or ask for a glass of beer and go to the balcony and enjoy looking atthe streets.

In addition to alcohol beverages, Finnegan’s Irish also serves tea, coffee and snacks. The bar regularly organizes events associated with the international football tournament.

Spy Bar

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Address: 12A Nguyen Huu Huan Street

Spy Bar is located in No. 12A Nguyen Huu Huan Street, its design is similar to Finnegan’s Irish but visitors can still find here unique features and cozy atmosphere. 

The bar is quite small, has a small bench for groups but mainly focuses on high stools. You can also select a seat on a second floor for your private space.

Spy Bar mainly performs singing and plays live music. Also, every Friday evening, mini game shows are held to make the atmosphere more exciting. Drink prices here are considered quite reasonable.

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