Pageant unveils Phu Yen’s beauty

Phu Yen is emerging as a hot new destination for tourists in Vietnam on the back of hosting the Miss ASEAN Friendship 2017 pageant.

During the sunny summer days, the province welcomed hundreds of tourists to Miss ASEAN Friendship 2017, a beauty pageant for the Southeast Asian region. The pageant presents an opportunity for Phu Yen to create a breakthrough in local tourism, surpassing other coastal central provinces.

Phu Yen is one of the most unspoiled and untouched region in Vietnam. Every tourist to Phu Yen is amazed at its natural beauty and diverse landscape. 

Phu Yen is the gateway to South Central coast and the Central Highlands. The province boasts a prime location with 189 kilometres of coastline. Thanks to a mix of forests, mountains, cliffs, lagoons, and ocean, the region’s wild natural beauty makes it an especially intriguing place to visit.

Phu Yen has ample potential for tourism development including beaches, hospitality, and eco-tourism projects.

Over the last few years, the province has focused on the development of its tourism sector with top destinations like Vung Ro Bay, Xuan Dai Bay, Ghenh Da Dia, O Loan Lagoon, Mui Dien Lighthouse, and  White Marble and Luong Van Chanh temples.

Sustainability is one of the most important values in tourism. Most of  the heritage and tourist attractions in Phu Yen are now protected.

The province has upgraded its infrastructure to attract investment in eco-tourism, hospitality, and entertainment projects like the high-end tourism complex New City Vietnam in An Phu town, Tuy Hoa city, as well as resorts in Song Cau, Tuy An, and Dong Xuan.

These projects will help Phu Yen to diversify its tourism sector to include sightseeing, shopping, accommodation, and culinary discovery.

Miss ASEAN Friendship 2017, launched at the beginning of this year, has captured the attention of the public.

Many models have since gathered at top tourist attractions throughout Phu Yen to impart their beauty on pictures and films. These activities have helped Phu Yen to broadcast its local tourist attractions to the world.

Phu Yen is home to untouched natural beauty and a variety of scenic features

Bai Xep Beach

Ruby red and orange sunsets

Rocky coastlines

Scenic lookouts

Boats floating just off shore at a Phu Yen beach


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