Discover the unique French-built college in Da Lat

VietNamNet Bridge – Experts say that the Pedagogical College of Da Lat is the most unique work of more than 2,000 works built by the French in the resort city of Da Lat.

Located at No. 29 Yersin Street, Da Lat City, the College is the only construction work of Vietnam recognized by the Union of International Architects (UIA) as one of 1,000 unique buildings of the world built in the 20th century.

This building was built from 1926 to 1935 by French architect Moncet. In its origins, with the first name of Lycee Petit Da Lat, it was used as a college for the French and wealthy families of Vietnam. 

In 1932, its name was changed to Grand Lycée de Da Lat and in 1935 it was re-named El Gran Liceo Yersin in memory of Dr Alexandre Yersin. Later, it was renamed as Hung Vuong Education Centre and then Pedagogical College of Da Lat, which specialises in training managers for kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools. 

It has many majors such as Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, History, Literature, Art Pedagogy and Technology and School Equipment. Many outstanding Vietnamese graduated from the school like Dr Trinh Xuan Thuan, an astrophysicist, currently living in the United States.

The high point of Pedagogical College of Da Lat is the main auditorium, shaped in an arc with a length of 77.18 metres in front, 89.8 metres behind, consisting of three floors and 24 classrooms. 

The curve of the arc building is the same as the image of an opened book – a symbol of broadening knowledge - the desire curve. At the end of the arc building is a 54 metrehigh bell tower, standing out among immense green pine forest, representing intellectual aspirations.

The building, built in brick brought from France, is reddish. From the outside, walls were built with harmonious arches, making the block more refined.

In addition, other blocks are also positioned in parallel manner, ranging from 2 to 3 floors, used as halls, labs or dormitories.

Seen from above, Pedagogical College of Da Lat looks quite similar to schools in other countries surrounded with green landscape of the city of fog. 

The building is a combination of Western and Oriental architecture style. With open space, the college is not only a great place to study and research, but also an attractive place for tourists.

The school is the most attractive destination in Da Lat. People come here to walk and take photographs, even wedding photos. On 28th December, 2001 Pedagogical College of Da Lat was recognized as a National Architecture Relic.


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