Peanut brittle - A traditional candy of Vietnam

Peanut brittle is a traditional candy made from roasted peanut, sugar and malt.

To make the candy, fresh peanuts are chosen very careful to avoid rot seeds. Malt is also one indispensable ingredients to make peanut brittle.

Sesame, Nha, sugar is mixed with suitable amount then simmered on coal stove and remember to stir constantly, otherwise, the candy can be ruined in just seconds.

After heated malt until it reclinesto golden brown then pour peanuts in the tray and stir to mix them together. Pour the hot malt and peanut on the rolling table, which is covered with a layer of sesame beforehand.

After laminating to a necessary thinness, it is cut into small pieces.

Peanut brittle is familiar with all ages, sipping tea and being nostalgic of old memories are the images visitors can find easily in Vietnam.


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