Close-up of luxury public toilets for free in Da Nang

VietNamNet Bridge – The largest city in central Vietnam has opened a series of five-star public toilets to serve tourists and local people.

Da Nang, which is referred to as “worth-for-living city” or “Singapore of Vietnam," has mobilized hotels, restaurants and cafes to participate in the campaign of offering luxury toilets for the public.

Hundreds of units registered for the program but only 60 toilets were chosen. These toilets were opened for free, with the logo “Comfort as home” and the smiling icon on the door.

Nguyen Nhat Minh, the owner of a restaurant on Bach Dang Street, said his restaurant participating in the program helped the local government create a green, clean, beautiful, polite and civilized environment.

Currently the program is being implemented in phases 1 in Hai Chau district. In phase 2, the program will be carried out in the districts of Son Tra and Ngu Hanh Son. Phase 3 will take place in the remaining districts.

In the coming time, tourists will be served by trained staff at these places.


Tri Thuc Tre

luxury public toilets for free in Da Nang