Made-in-Vietnam products facing trade lawsuits
15/02/2019 (GMT+7)
Seafood and footwear products with high export turnover have faced trade barriers over the years but exports with small turnover are also facing lawsuits as protectionist trends rise.

Vietnam's exports face multiple trade-defense lawsuits
10/01/2019 (GMT+7)
 Vietnam's global economic integration amid increasing trade protectionism worldwide has exposed the country's exports to multiple lawsuits.

Production company files copyright infringement lawsuit
20/12/2018 (GMT+7)
 VietNamNet Bridge – DID TV, which produced and owns the series Gạo Nếp Gạo Tẻ (Vương’s Family), has filed a lawsuit against FPT Telecom for infringing its copyright.

05/12/2018 (GMT+7)
Power prices may rise next year: ERAV, Vinasun and Grab seek reconciliation in lawsuit, CPTPP: challenges and opportunities for Vietnam’s livestock sector, Business forum to promote sustainable economic development  

03/12/2018 (GMT+7)
Retail banking boosts sector’s income, Court delays Vinasun lawsuit against Grab, HCM City companies ensure supply of goods for Tet, More work needed on VN tea exports,  Vietnam aims to attract more Turkish investors      

Steel producers face anti-dumping lawsuits
06/10/2018 (GMT+7)
 A recent rise in anti-dumping lawsuits in the local steel industry has steelmakers worried.

Vinasun’s lawsuit against Grab suspended again
25/09/2018 (GMT+7)
 The HCMC People’s Court today, September 24, once again suspended the lawsuit of traditional taxi firm Vinasun against ride-hailing firm Grab, demanding noncontractual compensation, as proposed by Grab, reported news website Vietnamplus.

Vietnam’s steel industry enters new development period
04/09/2018 (GMT+7)
With heavy investments by steel manufacturers and Hoa Phat’s strategy on expanding the southern market, the competition in the steel industry is expected to become more intense in the coming time.  

Steel manufacturers report satisfactory business results amid protectionism
02/09/2018 (GMT+7)
Most steel manufacturers had satisfactory business in the second quarter of the year and the first half. 

Vietnamese steel in the spiral of international lawsuits
27/08/2018 (GMT+7)
 Fifty percent of the cases of safeguard investigations, anti-dumping and anti-subsidy are filed against the steel industry.

Monsanto faces a surge in lawsuits following cancer ruling
24/08/2018 (GMT+7)
 American agro-chemicals company Monsanto is facing a surge in lawsuits that may cost its new owners, Bayer, billions in damages.

Vietnam’s steel manufacturing in a whirlwind of lawsuits
18/08/2018 (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge - At least half of the current trade remedy, anti-countervailing and anti-dumping investigations are on products in the steel manufacturing sector.

US court ruling on Monsanto gives hope to Vietnam’s AO lawsuit
16/08/2018 (GMT+7)
The recent ruling of a court in California, the US, on the link between weedkiller produced by Monsanto and cancer, has sparked hope for the lawsuit against the same company launched by Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange.   

Essure sterilisation device: Australian women to launch lawsuit
14/08/2018 (GMT+7)
 Women in Australia will pursue a class action lawsuit over a sterilisation device that has allegedly caused medical problems for women worldwide.

Vietnam’s steel exports affected by anti-dumping investigations
04/08/2018 (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s steel exports are encountering difficulties as they are facing anti-dumping investigations raised by importing countries.

VN businesses need to learn how to deal with anti-dumping lawsuits: experts
02/08/2018 (GMT+7)
Vietnam’s products overseas, especially in the US, have been facing more anti-dumping lawsuits in recent years. 

Iron, steel exports face most trade-defense lawsuits
26/06/2018 (GMT+7)
 Vietnamese exports have been subject to an increasing number of protectionist measures overseas, and most of the trade-defense lawsuits have been filed against Vietnamese iron and steel exports, officials said.

Copyright infringement lawsuit hinders Xiaomi’s ambitions
16/05/2018 (GMT+7)
 Xiaomi’s intellectual property infringement may keep it from reaching $100 billion on its initial public offering (IPO) and becoming the number one smart phone brand in Vietnam.

Facebook facial recognition faces class-action suit
17/04/2018 (GMT+7)
 Facebook must face a class action lawsuit over its use of facial recognition technology, a California judge has ruled.

Ho Chi Minh City Court turns down lawsuit against Apple
29/03/2018 (GMT+7)
 Ho Chi Minh City People's Court has just turned down a lawsuit by two Vietnamese lawyers against Apple Company over their software that they claim slows down older iPhones.