Hoang Thanh Trang nearly reaches super grandmaster title

VietNamNet Bridge – The European championship 2013 brought Hoang Thanh Trang with 26 Elo points, helping her to be closer to the peak of Elo 2500 in her professional chess career.

Hoang Thanh Trang tops European Chess Championship

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Hoang Thanh Trang.

Elo 2500 is a very important milestone in the women’s chess village of the world. This is a very high Elo, which is attained by just a small group of the best female players in the world. The Elo 2500 of chesswomen is equivalent to the Elo 2700 of men, the threshold set for the super grandmaster title.

Before the European Individual Championships 2013, Trang’s Elo is 2467. At this tournament, she did not lose a single game, achieving a very high mark of performance - 2663 and was awarded 26 Elo points.

Currently, Trang’s Elo is 2493, only 7 points are needed to become a super grandmaster.

According to the 2700chess.com, only 17 players in the world have achieved this level.

In her chess career, Trang’s highest Elo was 2501 in July 2009. She also ranks very high on FIDE female rankings – 9th in April 2006.

The list of 17 female super grandmasters by August 7, 2013:


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hoang thanh trang, elo 2500, super grandmaster title, chess