Saigon needs to rebuild the legendary “robber hunting team?”
VietNamNet Bridge – HCM City had implemented the model of collaboration between forces to crack down on street crime before Hanoi set up its 141 task-force, which is praised for its effectiveness in fighting street crime but street crime is still a very big issue. The city seems to not find out a solution for this.

Robbery on the streets of Saigon

Need to rebuild the SBC model

Nearly four years ago, based on the practical requirements, HCM City established the task force, which is considered as the new version of the legendary force called SBC (robbery hunting) of the past.

This team was under the command of Nguyen Le Hung and Luu Duy Thang who are big names in fighting crime.

At the district level, task force teams were also set up to patrol the streets, intercept and examine suspects and arrest criminals.

Deputy Director of the HCM City Police Agency, Major General Phan Anh Minh, said at the launching ceremony of the task force: "Facing the rampant crime, the establishment of the task force is necessary and meaningful."

However, how has this task force worked?

After its establishment, the task force made an outstanding victory: arresting the gang led by Dang Quoc Dat, 29, from Kom Tum province. This gang made brutal robberies in Ward 13, Tan Binh District.

Since then, the task force has arrested a lot of dangerous criminals, including robbers.

A former criminal policeman said that the today taskforce cannot do better than the legendary SBC force, especially in the times of street crime. He suggested developing a taskforce that groups up the best policemen, not clubs of “street knights” who hunt robbers with passion.

According to the former police officer, if criminal reconnaissance can be easily recognized by ordinary people when they go out to the street, how can they monitor and crack down on crime?

In addition, this is a dangerous job but the remuneration for robber hunters is not special at all. To fight street crime, it is necessary to have better treatment policies for robber hunters.

Need a political determination!

UN project in Vietnam

In fact many wards in the city have applied many crime prevention models that are quite effective. Apart from the patrol of police, civil defense, militia, etc, the local authorities also deliver leaflets warning local people about the tricks of robbers and set up volunteer groups to fight crime.

In a press conference in late November, HCM City police said they would mobilize all police forces to fight street crime.

The administrative police force was also ordered to strengthen the inspection and attention to boarding houses which have many migrants.

Recently, the Board of Directors of HCM City City Police instructed the police forces of districts to implement a crackdown on crime.

However, the question is why the city has coordinated forces to crack down on crime before Hanoi deployed the 141 taskforce, but the result is not as expected?

In fact, each locality has a different specific type. Facing the rampant crime, should Ho Chi Minh City takes tougher measures against crime?

This must be reflected by political determination. At the HCM City People’s Council meeting on December 4, the participants suggested that there must be a resolution to crack down on street crime.

Hopefully with such determination of the government, the people will see peace back in the city in recent days.

Dam De