The dance floors of “death” in Saigon

 VietNamNet Bridge - In Ho Chi Minh City, which is considered the "cooling center" of the country, what do the authorities have to do to prevent “going to the dance floor” to becoming 'going to seek the death” as young playboys describe?

The 030-XClub on Ton That Theip road, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 was
in chaos on a night in February 2012.

If ecstasy - the "specialty" of the so-called “going to dance floor” whirlwind has almost been suppressed by the police, since 2008, another corollary of night lights has appeared.

Weapons have quietly followed playboys to bars and discotheques, turning nightlife venues into risky places where people can lose their lives at any time because of small conflicts.

In Ho Chi Minh City, which is considered the "cooling center" of the country, what do the authorities have to do to prevent “going to the dance floor” to becoming 'going to seek the death” as young playboys describe?

Seven months after the shooting at 030XClub (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City), in which one was seriously injured, on September 16, 2012, a young man was stabbed to death in bar Now (District 12).

Nine days later, in the case at the Monaco bar (Go Vap District,) police had to suppress fire, but one lost his life.

A series of severe cases have occurred in bars in HCM City so far this year. In the case at the Monaco bar (Le Van Tho road, Ward 9, Go Vap district,) which occurred at dawn on September 25; if police officers did not promptly suppress fire, the number of dead victims would have increased.

Ready to fire

After the case at 030XClub in February 2012, there were 2 other cases
at the Now and Monaco bars.

Seven months have passed but those who witnessed the shooting in 030Xclub were still scared.

At about 11pm, Ms. V, 33, from Tan Binh district, with 20 friends and family members entered the bar. After opening a bottle of wine at the request of V’s group, the waiter did not forget to look to the next table, where some young men with tattoos were sitting, to respectfully bow.

It is understandable because that group had the presence of Phung Anh Thai, 27, a native of Hanoi. Thai is young but he was always dedicatedly served by his juniors, a sign that this man was a rising face in the criminal world.

Not a long time after that, some people in V’s group accidentally spread to and had clashes with Thai’s group.

Mr. Pham Anh Tuan (born in 1976, from District 1), a member in V’s group was proactive to "conciliate" with Thai’s group. The problem was resolved smoothly.

However, less than half an hour later, as the bar was so crowded, people in V’s group continued having a clash with the group of Thai.

This time, the two sides insulted each other and the group of Thai threw glasses toward the table of V’s family. Tuan and other people in V’s group also threw bottles back to Thai’s table.

More than a dozen of guards at the 030XClub knew that the situation was tense so they tried to discourage and invited the two groups out. Thai and his juniors waited in front of the bar to take revenge against V’s group.

Seeing that Tuan came out, Thai approached and drew his short gun to point at Tuan’s neck and opened fire. By the close range, the bullet penetrated into the neck, making the victim collapse.

Thai and his group got a taxi to the home of his junior, named Cao Chu Hai (born 1988) and packed up to flee. Tuan was brought to the Cho Ray Hospital in a state of emergency, with a esophageal perforation, rupture of the anterior neck vertebrae. The man escaped from danger two days later.

HCM City Police identified that Thai got the first arrest warrant on charges of "causing public disorder" in Hanoi, so he went to Saigon to avoid being arrested. And yet, he had been sentenced eight years in jail for participating in a robbery.

This time, in order to show off before his juniors, the newly-emerging gangster tried to murder one and he got another warrant for "murder."

After several days of hiding himself in Thanh Hoa province, Thai returned to Ho Chi Minh City to give himself up to the police and confessed his whole crime.

Murders at night clubs

It is difficult to make accurate statistics of the number of violent and murder cases occurring at bars and discos in the city.

However, in dozens of cases that the HCM City police have discovered, it is easy to see that most of the killers were very young.

On September 18, 2012, the police of District 12 prosecuted the "murder" which happened at the Now bar on Le Van Khuong road, Hiep Thanh Ward, District 12.

Earlier, in the morning of September 18, Nguyen Duc Hoang Phuoc, 21, from Binh Tan District, and a group of friends entered the Now bar.

The table next to theirs was occupied by a group of youngsters led by Phan Thanh Tan, 24, from Hoc Mon District. While swinging, catching a glimpse from some members of the group of Tan, Phuoc swaggered in the consensus of the other members.

When the two groups were in a fight, Phuoc pulled out a knife to consecutively hit it in the chest of Tan, making the man collapse. Tan died on the way to the hospital because of critical wounds.

In the recent case that happened at the Monaco Bar, the police investigated to clarify the nature of the case.

Accordingly, in the morning of September 25, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh (born 1973, from District 12) invited nine friends to the bar to celebrate his birthday.

At that time, Le Quoc An (born 1992, from Ward 14, Go Vap District) was sitting with his groups at the table next to An’s group. As the bar was crowded, members of the two groups accidentally stepped on the feet of each other, leading to quarrels. They simultaneously held bottles and chairs to beat each other.

At 2am, the bar was in chaos. People screamed and tried to run out to escape from the fight. In order to "handle" the case themselves, the bar’s guards closed the bar.

To show his relationship with gangsters in Go Vap, An called someone asking for help. Moments later, dozens of young people with weapons rushed to break the door of the bar to help An.

Seeing his disadvantage, Thanh and his friends fled out immediately but they were surrounded. Two of them were stabbed, with serious injuries. Thanh was stabbed to death. Monaco Bar’s guards could not do anything to prevent the fight.

The case only stopped when the police came and fired three consecutive shots into the air. The two groups fled into nearby alleys.

Quoc Quang