Anti-tobacco must begin from the Congress

VietNamNet Bridge - "At the meetings of the National Assembly (NA), during the break, the hallway was full of cigarette smoke. Therefore, the NA must make an example of tobacco harm prevention," said NA deputy Nguyen Sy.

New smoking law defined

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At a meeting of the NA Committee for Social Affairs on May 16, deputy Cuong said previously he had suggested considering the approval of the Law on Prevention and Control of Tobacco Harms because the people who ratify the law (meaning NA deputies) break the law.

Confirming that the above law is issued to protect the health of people, however, Cuong said that smoking in public places can be a chronic disease that is never cured. "At the meetings of the NA, just during the break, the hallway was filled with cigarette smoke. It looked terrible," said deputy Cuong.

He stressed that the implementation of the law must seriously begin from the Congress because this is the law-making agency. He added that in the offices of the NA committees, deputies closed the door, turned on air-conditioners and smoke.

"After the NA, the Government and the agencies of the Ministry of Justice must strictly implement the law. I used to suggest banning smoking besides drinking during working hours at state agencies because it is easier to implement this regulation in state agencies. If officials smoke but they are not fined, they cannot fine others," Cuong said.

At public places such as hospitals, railway stations ... there are a lot of smokers and they are not fined.

Vice Chair of the NA Committee for Social Affairs -- Nguyen Van Tien, said he would report to the NA Office to remind deputies to strictly implement the law on tobacco harm prevention.

Tien asked the Health Ministry and other agencies promote the responsibility of the leaders in implementing the law on tobacco harm prevention. He also requested the market control body to supervise the sale of tobacco to children.

He stated that the Committee will carry out annual supervision and will name the sectors that do not well implement the above law on the mass media.

Tran Cham

NA, law, tobacco, somoking, deputy