Hundreds of people rescue stranded whale
VietNamNet Bridge – Hearing of a whale stranded on the beach, members of the Thang Loi Cooperative in Bac Lieu Province mobilized hundreds of fishermen to rescue the fish because they believed that this species is very sacred.

At 8 am on December 18, fisherman Truong Hai and a friend discovered a big fish swimming to the coastal mudflat near Nha Mat estuary, Bac Lieu city. At 10 am, when the tide went down, the fish was trapped in the mudflat, which is managed by Thang Loi cooperative.

Mr. Lam Hoang Tuan, Chairman of the cooperative mobilized dozens of cooperative members and hundreds of fishermen to rescue the whale.

People then dug a hole, put the fish into the hole, covered it by shelter and poured water on its body. At about 3 pm, when the sea level rose, the relevant agencies and fishermen towed the fish back to the ocean.

The whale is about 3 m long, 2 m waist, weighs about 600 kg.

This is the fourth whale stranded in this area in the last three years and the only one was rescued successfully.

Compiled by Nam Nguyen
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