Vietnam wants to change the name of typhoon Sontinh

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam will propose the International Meteorological Organization to change the name of storm Sontinh, that killed nine people, injured over 40 and damaged a lot of assets in northern provinces of Vietnam last weekend.

Sontinh is the name of a Vietnamese good genius. According to the public opinion, a devastating typhoon should not be named after a good genius. Previously, the names of 76 storms were changed after they left devastating consequences.

In April this year, Irene was the 76th hurricane name and the most recent name that was removed from the list by the International Meteorological Organization. The storm that is named after the holy goddess Irene claimed the lives of 49 people in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the United States. It also caused material damage estimated at $15.8 billion. In terms of the extent of damage, Irene ranks seventh in the history of the United States. The name Irene is replaced by Irma when it is re-used in 2017.

The first storm name that was withdrawn is Carol (1954). This is a big storm, which moved very fast and is the most devastating storm in the United States by that time.

Vietnam previously proposed to withdraw the name Chanchu - nominated by South Korea - after this typhoon caused serious consequences for Vietnam. This proposal was approved by the Regional Storm Commission.

South Korea also proposed to remove the name storm Saomai (morning star) – nominated by Vietnam - from the list of storm names after it caused serious consequences for this country.

The storm name Katria was removed from the list after the 2005 hurricane season in North America because of the terrible consequences that it left. This name is replaced by Katia, starting from the 2011 storm season.

Mr. Bui Minh Tang, Director of the Central Hydro-Meteorological Forecast Center, said the names of storms are nominated by countries. The names should be short, easy to remember, without marks and insensitive.

If Vietnam proposes to remove the name Sontinh based on the damage caused by it, the proposal may not be accepted because this storm caused significant losses in Vietnam, but compared to the world its consequence is modest. If the cause for the removal is that the name of a god related to the country, the proposal may be considered.

The Vietnam General Department of Meteorology and Hydrology previously proposed 20 names for storms, which are pure Vietnamese names. The Regional Storm Committee selected 10 names nominated by Vietnam, include: Conson, Saola, Songda, Sontinh, Lekima, Sonca, Bavi, Tramy, Halong and Vamco.

The naming of storms has been implemented for many years to help quickly identify storms. These names help people easily remember them than using numbers or technical terms. The names also help the mass media to more easily convey information about storms, help people pay more attention to the storms, from which to prepare a better deal.

Experience shows that the use of short, distinctive names helps reduce errors than other methods. Benefit of storm naming is extremely important in the exchange of information between hundreds of monitoring stations, both on the sea, on land and on board.

At first, storms were named arbitrarily. After that, meteorologists wanted to systematically sort the names to manage them more effectively. Since then, storms have names beginning with letter A, like Anne, will be the first storm of the year. Currently, there are six such lists are being used alternately. For example, the list of storms in 2008 will be used again in 2014.

These names will be changed if the storm caused the huge loss of lives and property, making the use of this name in the future for another storm to make people less interested in. Before the name is changed, the annual meeting of the Tropical Storm Commission of the World Meteorological Organization will meet to make a decision.

The storm names that were withdrawn:

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