Facebooker fined for child kidnapping rumours

A woman in the central city of Danang has recently been fined VND12.5 million (USD595) for publishing false information about child kidnapping on her Facebook.

The story about child kidnapping cases posted on Nguyen Thi Ngoc’s Facebook in June went viral, attracting thousands of likes and comments.  

She warned people of being more careful when taking their children outside. She told about one case in which a mother in Khanh Hoa Province was carrying her son on her bike when a stranger suddenly snatched the child and escaped. Ngoc’s story claimed that after the mother screamed loudly for help, a man was detained and the child was saved.

She also said that she had heard about another case in Danang City in which a local boy was kidnapped by a woman while playing at Chon Tam Park. The woman belonged to an eight-member group who specialised in kidnapping children.

Another local woman named Pham Thi Minh Trang re-used Ngoc’s post for her Facebook status which also attracted a great number of likes and comments.

However, after the investigation, Lien Chieu District’s police found out that the information posted by Ngoc and Trang were totally false.

At the police station, Trang admitted that she had not known anything about these child kidnapping cases and she only took the story on Ngoc’s Facebook for her status as she craved attention.

Meanwhile, Ngoc also confessed that she herself had invented the story to draw followers and likes to serve her online business activities. She then later removed the status when it had gone viral, adding that at that time, she really worried about the impact of the fake story.

Ngoc was fined VND12.5 million for the violation.

Earlier, another woman named Duong Thi Phuong in Danang City was fined for disseminating false information about a child kidnapped on Hoang Dieu Street.

Police in the central province of Quang Binh are also investing Facebookers who posted fake information about child kidnapping recently.


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