Vietnam incinerates tonnes of illegal elephant ivory and rhino horn

Vietnam disposed of over two tonnes of elephant ivory and 70kg of rhino horn by incineration for the first time ever on November 12, aiming to join the international community in sending a strong message to illegal wildlife fauna and flora traders. 

Thirty barrels of seized elephant tusks and three barrels of rhino horn were sealed and transported to the Nam Son waste treatment complex in Hanoi’s Soc Son district.

The barrels were disclosed in the presence of managers, international organisations and correspondents, both at home and abroad.

Before incineration, samples of the elephant tusks were taken to serve genetic traceability.

Each sample was divided into two parts, one sent to laboratories in Vietnam and the remaining sent to the US for genetic testing.

Hundreds of samples were taken by scientists for traceability aiming to trace criminals.

Elephant tusks are fed into a rock crusher

…and then into a grinding machine.

Elephant tusks after being crushed.

Ivory fragments were loaded onto carriers and fed into the incinerator.

Rhino horn was directly burnt. Representatives of agencies and organisations held parts of rhino horn before they were incinerated.

Igniting a fire to burn the rhino horn.

Rhino horn being disposed of by incineration.

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Nhan Dan

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