HCM City to relaunch dedicated street crime team

Ho Chi Minh City party chief Dinh La Thang has requested the municipal police to re-establish a taskforce which specialises in hunting robbers.


A robber arrested in HCM City

Some years ago, several vigilante groups were given official sanction in HCM City. The teams, considered a modern version of the infamous SBC mugger hunting of the past, arrested a lot of dangerous criminals, including robbers.

However, according to Thang, the city’s continues to face rampant crime, even with more sophisticated tricks, so, it is essential to have a professional street crime hunting team, including the best policemen as well as dedicated amateurs.

“The police need to make HCM City a name criminals fear. This will help people to feel safe and boost the city’s socio-economic development,” Thang noted.

Director of the HCM City Police Le Dong Phong said that the new taskforce would also be part of the department’s anti-crime plans. He also instructed local policemen to perform their duties more effectively and crack down on counterfeit goods and loan sharking.


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