Craft village making products from smoked bamboo

Xuan Lai village, in Gia Binh district, the northern province of Bac Ninh is well-known for the generations of villagers making furniture from smoked bamboo.

Formerly, the households in the village made smoked bamboo products simply for daily lifesuch as baskets, small bamboo beds and chairs. However, nowadays, the handicraft has been expanded and many families have established large-scale production and business facilities.

Xuan Lai village’s smoked bamboo products are popular in almost provinces and cities around the country and are also exported to international markets including Japan, the United States, Taiwan (China) and Europe.

After soaking the bamboo in water to prevent worms, villagers pick them up, trim their nodes, and smoke them in a straw-burning stove.

After straightening the bamboo, villagers begin the process of bamboo engraving.

Skillful craftsmen create beautiful, useful and sophisticated household products.

Many generations of Xuan Lai villagers have a strong attachment to bamboo furniture production from the past two centuries.

Nowadays, the use of machines in manufacturing bamboo products significantly contributes to improving their quality.

Craftsmen carve folk paintings with yellow and dark brown on smoked bamboo laths.

Xuan Lai villagers have succeeded in bringing the unique characteristics of folk paintings from the neighbouring Dong Ho Village to their products.

Nhan Dan

Xuan Lai village, smoked bamboo products