Experts examine nuclear feasibility

VietNamNet Bridge – Reports on the feasibility of two nuclear power plants would be completed next year, then submitted to the Government, said Nguyen Manh Hung, deputy head of the project management board.

The feasibility report on the 2,000MW Ninh Thuan 2 nuclear power plant must be completed by the end of March, while the report on Ninh Thuan 1 is due at the end of July.

The design for the plant's infrastructure will also be completed in 2013 so that construction can begin the following year.

"Building a nuclear plant on the coast typically takes five years, and preparatory work takes about two years," Hung said.

Preliminary work on Viet Nam's two plants began in 2006 and the project was formally approved in 2009.

As for the plant's employees, Electricity of Viet Nam (EVN) sent 15 officers to Japan and 30 students to Russia for training purposes. In addition, the Project Management Board recruited 53 students to study in Russia for 6 years.

Among the 83 students, 26 came from central Ninh Thuan Province, where the plants will be built.

EVN is asking ministries and agencies to promptly prepare legal documents for the survey, design, construction and operation of the plants. The group also proposed that the Government soon work out the salary for officials and staff participating in the project in order to attract qualified employees.

The Ninh Thuan nuclear power project and 10 component projects, including six funded by EVN, received approval from the Prime Minister. Ninh Thuan 1 will be built in Thuan Nam District in Ninh Thuan Province. Ninh Thuan 2 will be constructed in Vinh Hai Commune in the province's Ninh Hai District.

Source: VNS

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