More Vietnamese mini satellites to be launched

A series of made-in-Viet Nam mini satellites will be launched into orbit in the coming time as part of Viet Nam’s effort to take command of earth supervision, said a senior official.

Mr. Vu Viet Phuong, Vice Director of the Viet Nam National Satellite Center (VNSC) was quoted as saying that satellite technology helped Viet Nam improve weather forecast capability, disaster management, natural resource development, telecom and broadcasting infrastructure, and sovereignty protection.

Mr. Phuong revealed that the VNSC had conducted some design and development projects in an effort to produce Vietnamese satellites and launch them from inside Viet Nam by 2020.

Earlier, PicoDragon, the first Vietnamese self-produce satellite, was sent into the orbit in 2013.  

So far, NanoDragon satellite project has been made by VNSC technicians and experts. The six-kilogram satellite will be launched in 2019, serving to identifying fishing vessels.

MicroDragon satellite project will have a mission to observe coastal water to evaluate water quality and make forecast on aquatic cultivation. 

The project will be finalized by September, 2017 and launched into orbit in early 2018.

Two remote sensing satellite LOTUSat-1 and 2 will be put into orbit in early 2017. Especially, LOTUSat-1 has been manufactured by Japan with the participation of Vietnamese technicians. LOTUSat-2 was domestically made, assembled and piloted by the VNSC. 

Once coming into operation, the two projects will be in charge of supervising the earth in case of disasters of emergency and building databases on early warnings of environmental disasters.

Earlier, the VNSC sent 36 of its staff  to Japan to study satellite technology.


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