BKAV unveils new anti-virus software

The BKAV Technology Group officially launched last week its new anti-virus software BKAV 2016, which is equipped with new technology against information leak.

bkav unveils new anti-virus software hinh 0

The new version will comprehensively protect computer users against spyware attacks. 

In recent network attacks, a major problem was created when a victim's computer was hacked and controlled by spyware. 

According to BKAV research, hackers often send email containing a spyware virus and most users are infected. 

The anti-leak technology has been studied and developed by BKAV engineers for the last five years. It includes a package of smart technology against spy software like Safe Run, Anti Keylogger and HIPS. 

The price for the new version is still VND299,000 (US$13.4) for one year for use. For those who have already paid, their software will be automatically upgraded.


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