Vietnamese engineer makes second helicopter

VietNamNet Bridge – Bui Hien, the engineer famous for his self-made helicopter, has successfully made a second helicopter which he says is safer and more modern in design.

Vietnam, Bui Hien, helicopter

Hien has created a next-generation helicopter after two years of working on it. The outstanding feature of the new helicopter is that it can take off and land very smoothly without noise.

“Even in case of an emergency, when the engine breaks down, the helicopter would still be able to land safely and smoothly thanks to the propellers, designed in a special way, which allows to help elevate the helicopter when it falls.

The new helicopter is 7.4 meters long and 2.4 meters high. The main rotors have a length of 6.6 meters, while the back propeller is 1.1 meters long.

Hien’s helicopter is made with the engine imported from the US. The engine is believed to be manufactured in Japan, which has been used for F1 racing cars. The frame of the helicopter and propellers are made of high quality stainless steel, while the windshield glass is made of tempered safety glass.

The helicopter is designed for one man in the cabin and has an electric starter. A92, a common kind of petrol, can be used for the helicopter.

The helicopter’s speed can reach 200 kilometers per hour, and can fly at the height of under 500 meters, while the operation range is about 400 kilometers if flying continuously for two hours.

The unloaded helicopter weight is 340 kilos, while the maximum load weight is 500 kilos. The helicopter is not equipped with a night flying system.

Hien said he wants to obtain a license for putting the helicopter for experimental flight, and if it is recognized as meeting the requirements, it would be put into use in agriculture, exploration activities, shooting films and rescue services.

In early 2012, Hien said he had successfully invented his first helicopter with two coaxial rotors. The helicopter was equipped with an engine used for high-speed boats, and regulated by butterfly-shape steering wheels.

The first-generation helicopter made by Hien was a lightweight one of 250 kilos. It was 2.950 meters long, 1.2 meters wide and 2.4 meters high, equipped with a 106 power horse engine.

While Hien believes that his helicopter which has many advantages, including a low production cost of VND200 million, and is a good and usable product, other engineers have raised their doubts about the machine.

A reader, in an email to the editorial board, wrote he does not think stainless steel, or inox, would be suitable for a helicopter frame. “As it (the material) is brittle, it is rarely used to make machine frames, let alone airframes,” he wrote.

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Vietnam, Bui Hien, helicopter