Vietnam’s toy makes world Guinness record
VietNamNet Bridge – Spinning nonstop within 24 hours, 35 minutes and 15 seconds, Tosy top has become the first Vietnamese toy granted a Guinness World Record for the longest running mechanical spinning top by the Guinness World Records Ltd.

The record making day was May 23, at the Tosy Robotic JSC’s office in Hanoi, under the witness of six notaries from the Hanoi Notary Public’s Chamber.

Dr. Le Quoc Hung, chief of the Hanoi Notary Public’s Chamber, said that witnesses worked seriously within over 24 hours to ensure the accuracy of the record, meeting the World Guinness Records Ltd’s requirements.

A group of cameramen filmed the uninterrupted show. The film was then sent to the World Guinness Records Ltd’s London-based office for research.

The Tosy Robotic JSC’s director, Ho Vinh Hoang said that the tosy top could spin longer, with scheduled time of nearly 60 hours. Tosy stopped filming the top at 24 hours, 35 minutes, 15 seconds because cameras and computers did not meet technical standards to work unceasingly for more days. Moreover, the World Guinness Records Ltd only requests the tosy top to spin within 24 hours to be recognized as a World Guinness Record. After stopping the filming, the top spun for up to 60 hours.

Hoang said the commercial version of this top is designed to spin for up to 4 hours. The product will be launched this August, on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival.