Headmaster asks for a penis exam because of infidelity rumors

VietNamNet Bridge – In the last two weeks, people in the mountainous district of Hiep Duc in Quang Nam province whispered that the headmaster of a secondary school in the area was the victim of jealousy and his penis was cut off by his rival. Being unbearable of malicious rumors, the principal asked for police investigation and a penis check to clear himself.

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The petition of teacher T.H.

The rumors that the headmaster of a secondary school in Hiep Duc district named T.H who had illicit relations with his subordinate and had his penis cut off by his rival has spread rapidly in the district.

Headmaster T.H on May 13 sent a petition to the local authorities asking for investigation. In his petition, he wrote: "I affirm that the rumor is a lie which is made to slander and defame my honor and personal reputation. It has seriously affected my family and my work in particular and the prestige of the education sector in general. Therefore, I would like to ask the authorities to verify the truth."

The investigation to verify the rumors, according to the authorities of Hiep Duc district, is very difficult. To prove the man innocent, the authorities recommended the headmaster to have a penis check to determine that the rumor is false, a police official of Hiep Duc district told VietNamNet.

The police official added that investigators had contacted many hospitals in the province to check whether they recently received any patient with penis injuries but all hospitals said no.

The Hiep Duc district police bureau granted a letter of introduction to the teacher to a hospital in Tam Ky town for injury assessment.

The teacher said that the penis exam will be conducted on June 3.

“We are awaiting for the check to make the final conclusion,” said a police officer of Hiep Duc district.

Vu Trung - Nguyen Ha

headmaster, penis, jealousy, quang nam