Twin brothers marry twin sisters in Ca Mau

VietNamNet Bridge – Photos of a wedding of two sets of twins from the province of Ca Mau posted on social networkshave caused a stir in the online community in the last few days.

In the photos, the two grooms walked abreast with two brides. The wedding was considered "unique" so it aroused public curiosity.

The wedding was not only attended by friends and relatives of the two couples but also uninvited people from surrounding areas, who came to see the “special event”.

The twin grooms are Chau Diem Ky and Chau Diem Phong, 22, and the brides are Le Ngoc Huyen and Le Huyen Tran, 18.

The wedding was held on May 12 in Lam Hai Commune, Nam Can District of Ca Mau Province.

On social networks, humorous questions were raised, such as how can the brides and the grooms realize each other? Did they mistakenly enter the wrong room on the wedding night?, if the elder brother marries the younger sister and vice versa, what will they call each other?

In fact, it is fortunate that the elder brother married the elder sister and vice versa. A relative of the grooms said that since the two twins knew each other, they mistook each other only once. The relative also said that there are different details on the faces of the two twins, which can help distinguish them.

The two couples are living in the same house, with the grooms’ father.

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