Vietnamese often say “Di dem lam co ngay gap ma” - one who does evil will be faced with plague.

Young Vietnamese man dreams of conquering Mars
3/10/2015 10:10:00 AM (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge – Vu Xuan Linh, better known as Quoc Anh, 32, is the only Vietnamese citizen who still has the opportunity to join Mars One, the $6 billion program that will establish a human settlement on Mars.

The giant fish in Vietnam
8/23/2013 8:00:00 AM (GMT+7)
 VietNamNet Bridge – A shark of half of a ton, a 4-ton whale, giant barbs and ocean sunfish are among the "monsters" that were caught in a net in Vietnam.

Thousands of people have to change surnames as officer “lisps”
9/6/2013 3:16:56 PM (GMT+7)
 Nguyễn is one of the most populous surnames in Vietnam and even in the world. However, due to lisp, a commune officer who was in charge of making birth certificates misspelled “Nguyễn” as “Nguyển” in many birth certificates.

20cm leech living in bladder of 13-year-old boy
8/20/2013 2:00:55 PM (GMT+7)
 VietNamNet Bridge – The Children’s Hospital of Thanh Hoa Province on August 15 picked up a 20 cm long leech living in the bladder of a 13-year-old boy in Tinh Gia District.

Falling from 12th floor, a worker miraculously survives
7/5/2013 4:13:35 PM (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge – On the morning of July 4, a worker fell from the 12th floor of the building in Ho Chi Minh City but only his thighbone and scapula were broken.

Conjoined twins born by normal delivery method
7/5/2013 1:37:24 PM (GMT+7)
 VietNamNet Bridge – Welcoming the first baby, doctors of the Kon Tum Province Hospital were surprised to find out the second baby being conjoined with the first at the abdomen and in the breech position.

18-year-old girl "hides" herself in the figure of five-year-old kid
6/23/2013 8:05:00 AM (GMT+7)
 VietNamNet Bridge - At first glance, many people will mistakenly believe that Tran Thi Loan is a five-year-old girl. In fact, the 80cm tall “kid” is already 18 years old.

The man with the “face of devil” in Binh Dinh
6/17/2013 12:11:47 PM (GMT+7)
Mr. Vo Van Khu, 52 years old, in Thach Ban Tay village (Cat Son commune, Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province) has a huge tumor on his face, so local people often call him the man of the devil face.

Headmaster asks for a penis exam because of infidelity rumors
5/31/2013 4:38:41 PM (GMT+7)
People in Hiep Duc, Quang Nam province whispered that the headmaster of a secondary school was the victim of jealousy and his penis was cut off by his rival. The principal asked for police investigation and a penis check to clear himself.

Hanoians pay highly for ‘villas for the dead’
5/8/2012 7:30:00 AM (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge – To own plots of land of at least 100sq.m in a cemetery park, many people have paid a billion dong.

Woman gets 20-years younger
5/3/2012 12:28:24 PM (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge – After over two months of treatment by doctors of the Central Dermatology Hospital in Hanoi, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy has returned to her true age – 40 – after four years living with the face and in the body of a 60-year-old woman.

Dau pagoda's mummies - Invaluable treasures
5/20/2012 7:00:00 PM (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge – The bodies of Buddhist monks in Dau temple have existed for over three centuries, witnessing a lot of ups and downs. They are invaluable treasures and spiritual and cultural stamps of Vietnamese people.