Rice paradox
4/26/2013 1:16:37 PM (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge – Changing crops very offent and being disorganized is a vicious cycle that erodes the strength and capital of farmer families

Vietnam does not have a comic book “industry”
4/14/2013 2:16:00 PM (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge - The answer to the domination of foreign comic books in the Vietnamese market for the past over 10 years is mainly because Vietnam does not have a comic book industry.

Legalizing “red light district,” should or should not?
4/13/2013 2:13:00 PM (GMT+7)
HCM City has recently proposed to open the "red light district" to better manage and restrict the consequences of prostitution. However, this opinion is so new to the Vietnamese society.

Vietnam-Australia relations
4/12/2013 2:07:00 PM (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge - My Thuan Bridge is considered the project that marks the beginning of Australia’s grant of official development assistance at the government level to Vietnam in the early 1990s.

Vietnam warned about Dutch disease, urged to stop raw minerals
4/11/2013 2:07:13 PM (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge – The government of Vietnam has been prohibiting exporting raw natural minerals over the last few years. However, the ban has not had high enforcement.

Chinese merchants flock to Vietnam to collect farm produce
2/4/2013 11:30:21 AM (GMT+7)
Vietnamese farmers have learnt lessons from doing business with Chinese.

Businesses died in masses in 2012, but keep optimistic outlook for 2013
2/4/2013 11:21:39 AM (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese businesses, both state owned and non-state owned, suffered big difficulties in 2012.

Investors rush to inject money in hydropower plants, ignoring warnings
2/4/2013 11:15:38 AM (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge – More and more hydropower plant projects have been drawn up by investors, who have heard that Vietnam is thirsty for power for its industrialization process.

Robbery on the streets of Saigon
9/28/2012 4:37:12 PM (GMT+7)

In HCM City, there were several cases of robbery recently in which the robbers fiercely assaulted victims and also policemen who chased them. This shows that robbery has become a big problem in Vietnam’s biggest city.

The land policy is for whom?
11/27/2012 12:07:53 PM (GMT+7)
VietNamNet would like to introduce the study of Vietnam's policies and laws on land, conducted by the Institute for Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with Harvard University and UNDP.

Nghe An: Tigers raised as pigs
11/27/2012 12:12:10 PM (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge – Four tigers are bred in a room of less than 15m2. It is unbelievable but it is the truth in the central province of Nghe An.

Rural girls marry foreign men for filial duty
11/16/2012 3:58:09 PM (GMT+7)
 VietNamNet Bridge - The family was happy to tear when their daughter had a foreign husband. However, on her first night, the bride was harassed by her Chinese husband.


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