“China is invading by fishing boats”

VietNamNet Bridge – Mr. Nguyen Viet Thang, Chairman of the Vietnam Fishery Association, said that China’s sending of 23,000 fishing boats to East Sea is the use of fishermen to invade the waters of other countries.

A Chinese newspaper on August 2 said that over 14,000 fishing boats registered in Guangzhou province left ports on August 1 to catch fish in the East Sea. In Hainan, around 9,000 fishing boats and 35,600 fishermen have also fished in the East Sea after China’s ban of fishing expired on August 1, in the waters that Vietnam claims.

Thang said on August 2, the Vietnam Fishery Association protested China of breaking the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982 and the Declaration of the Conducts of the Parties in East Sea (DOC), which was signed between China and the Association of Southeast Asia.

Thang said that in normal fishing, he has never known any case in which thousands of fishing boats go to the sea at the same time.

“For fishing, it is surely to be ineffective if over 20,000 boats go to the sea at the same time. Sending fishing boats to the East Sea like this is similar to using fishermen to invade the waters of other countries, bully and threat other nations,” Thang said.

According to the Vietnam Fishery Association, Vietnam’s maritime forces have to closely watch the operation of Chinese boats in case they breach into Vietnam’s exclusive economic zones. The Association will also encourage Vietnamese fishermen to keep catching in Vietnam’s waters, through which defending the country’s maritime and island sovereignty.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam had over 126,000 fishing boats in 2011. However, only 25,000 boats could perform off-shore trips.