China’s East Sea claims have no basis in int’l law: John McCain
US Senator John McCain has emphasized that China’s sovereign claims in the East Sea have no basis in international law.

John McCain, who is also the Ranking Member of the US Senate Committee on Armed Services, emphasized this in a recent statement regarding Chinese actions in the East Sea.

The decision by China’s Central Military Commission to deploy troops to islands in the East Sea, which are claimed by Vietnam, is unnecessarily provocative, says the senator.

He said China’s appointment of legislators to govern all islands and waters that China claims in the East Sea only reinforces why many Asian countries are increasingly concerned about its expansive territorial claims.

McCain said China’s actions in this case are disappointing and not befitting a responsible great power.

The senator proposed that the US continue to urge all parties concerned to seek a peaceful, multilateral resolution that is based on international law and upholds the principle of freedom of navigation in international waters.”