Miracle drug made of a special lizard?

VietNamNet Bridge – Than lan trinh nu (Leiolepis ngovantri sp. nov. Grismer & Grismer), a newly discovered reptile species, is believed to be the material to make a miracle drug good to gentlemen.

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According to the scientists of the Binh Chau – Phuoc Buu nature reserve in Xuyen Moc of Ba Ria – Vung Tau, the lizards were first discovered at the nature reserve. This is a discovery of Professor Ngo Van Tri, therefore, it has another name – than lan nu sinh Ngo Van Tri. The reptile individuals are smaller than many other species of the same family with the length of 1.5 cm only.

When asked why the newly discovered lizards are called “than lan trinh nu” (maiden lizards), Bui Dinh Son from the Binh Chau – Phuoc Buu sanctuary explained that there is no male individual, and there are only female individuals.

“Since only female individuals exist which still can reproduce, a kind of asexual reproduction, people have given them the name “than lan trinh nu”,” Son said.

The initial studies by the scientists at the sanctuary showed that than lan trinh nu likes living in dry forests, or cajuput forests like the one in the sanctuary and the coastal areas of Binh Thuan province. It is considered an endemic species of Vietnam which has high value. The initial scientific studies have also found out that the lizards have certain nutrition useful to human health.

Local people affirmed that they heard from the previous generations that the meat of lizards is very good to people’s health, which has been used as a miracle drug. For the last many generations, salamanders have been soaked in liquor to create a kind of liquid which is believed to be very good to gentlemen.

While than lan trinh nu is a new discovery to scientists, it has been familiar to local people for a long time, who think that it is just a kind of lizard. However, after scientists talked about the high value of the lizards, they have been rushing to hunt for the reptile individuals.

The meat of than lan trinh nu is described as sweet, delicious and tastes like chicken. Therefore, it has another name “ga dat” which means “the earth fowl” (the fowl that creeps on the face of the earth).

Than lan trinh nu has been attractive not only because they have high nutrition, but also because of their beautiful colors and the mystery about their reproduction.

Son from the sanctuary said that since the lizards do not eat insects, while their main food is tree and herbs, the medicinal properties of the herbs can be found in the lizards’ meat. Therefore, the meat could be seen as a kind of nutritious food which can help improve people’s health.

The information about the precious lizard has prompted people to hunt for them. People go to the forests, to the sanctuaries to look for lizards and sell to restaurants.. A lot of people believe that if the lizards can be soaked in liquor in a right way, this would create a liquid that helps strengthen the virility of men. The local people have also been trying to make different dishes from the lizard meat.

Son said that the lizards are very clean, because they only eat plants and dew. Therefore, people just need to clean lizards without eliminating viscera and then put into bottles with liquor.

Nguoi Dua Tin

Vietnam, rare species, national park, protection