Villas arise, forests disappear

VietNamNet Bridge – Tens of hectares of the forests in Ba Vi district in Hanoi have been eliminated to give place to luxurious villas.

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A lot of villas covering thousands of square meters of land with the view into lakes and valleys in the two communes of Yen Bai, Van Hoa in Ba Vi district have arisen in the recent movement of “marching towards the west.”

The Da Bac hill area in Yen Bai commune, not far from the Thang Long boulevard, was once considered the golden land in Ba Vi, which was “hunted” by the real estate “big guys.”

The hill, covering an area of tens of thousands of square meters, was green with the acacia trees. However, no more trees can be seen here anymore, because the trees have been replaced by the 27 villas.

The big guys in the real estate sector threw “a mountain of money” as described by local residents to buy land and build the villas on the Da Bac hill, because they were attracted by the beautiful landscapes of the area and the advantageous position of the hill. Big money has also been spent to build up roads to the hilltop, which was given a beautiful name – Green Villa.

Nguyen Thanh Trung, Director of Archi Land JSC, said he and some other investors collected land from every household, then re-programmed the land, set “boundaries” to land plots and then sold to clients.

Regarding the procedures, Trung said clients, after buying the land, signed the contracts on building villas and on management service with Archi Land JSC. A villa with an area of 1,000 square meters here is priced at between VND2.7 billion and VND3 billion.

In Van Hoa commune, 25 villas in the “Tan Vien Villa” complex have been designed. Real estate investors once flocked there to buy land to build villas after hearing the news that Thang Long road would become the backbone of the region.

Forestry land turns into housing land

Nguyen Thi Que, Chief Inspector of the Ba Vi district, said so many villas have been built on the forest land, because the land plots all have “red books,” or land use right certificates. The owners of the land plots showed the red books granted by the district’s authorities, which showed that the landlords have the right to build houses on the land for long term accommodations.

As such, the land area reserved for forest development has unexpectedly turned into the housing land.

Secretary of the Party Committee of Yen Bai commune Nguyen Xuan Giup, simply explained the problem: “I made a mistake because I was too confident on land officers.”

Meanwhile, the local inspectors have affirmed that they have not been reported about the construction of a series of villas. As a result, the large hill area has been leveled to give place to luxury villas.

The construction was only found in 2011, when the inspection team in construction was established, which discovered this and reported to the district authorities.

According to Hoang Van Loc, Chair of the Van Hoa Commune, the execution of the project on building villas on the Bon hill has been forced to stop for the last 8 months. Meanwhile, some clients, who registered to buy villas, came and made complaints on some problems of the project.

Thien Nhien

Vietnam, villas, forests, protection, environment