Phu Quoc faces waste overloading

Phu Quoc Island, one of the popular tourist attractions of Vietnam, is facing the danger of becoming overloaded with waste as the island struggles to process half the daily amount produced.

Statistics from Kien Giang Province Department of Environmental Protection show that Phu Quoc Island District produces 300 tonnes of domestic waste each day. However, due to various reasons that only half of them are collected and the treatment system is reaching a critical point.

The waste is collected and temporarily buried at 3-hectare Dong Tram dumping ground in Cua Can Commune and the 5-hectare dumping ground in An Thoi Town.

The operation of these dumping grounds lacks management and bad odours and wastewater regularly escapes into the environment.

Dong Tram dumping ground is already overloaded and waste spills onto the road. Travellers are often tortured by the foul odour when going near the ground. The situation is even worse during monsoon season.

The dumping ground in An Thoi Town is also reaching critical capacity.

Kien Giang Province Department of Natural Resources and Environment has named these areas as some of the most polluted locations in the province, however, no solution has been proposed to deal with this problem.




Waste spills onto the road

No trees survive near these areas

Foul odour affects travellers


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