Quang Nam forest ravaged by illegal loggers

Quang Nam’s authorities are expanding an investigation into the illegal logging of a large amount of Fujian cypress in the border area adjacent to Laos.

The investigation was conducted after provincial authorities recently found more than 100 pieces of Fujian Cypress timber, a rare kind of tree, at the campus of Nam Giang District's Customs Office. Head of the office Le Trung Thinh was suspended for the duration of the investigation.

Trinh explained that the wood was collected from many different sources; including part of which allegedly given by Lao policemen and customs officers who apparently had generously donated the rare and valuable wood for the construction of a temporary office for Nam Giang District's customs staff.


The wood found at the campus of the Nam Giang District's Customs Office

Vice Chairman of Quang Nam Province People's Committee Le Tri Thanh, suspected that this may be related to a major ring of illegal wood trading with the support of customs and border guard forces in border areas.

On July 20, Thanh led a group of the provincial representatives to directly visit the Fujian Cypress forest which has been attacked by illegal loggers.

Fujian cypress is a threatened species in Vietnam, where it is considered valuable due to its aroma and exceptional weight. It is used to make art work, furniture, and charcoal.

A cubic metre of Fujian cypress is valued at VND18 million.

The authorities said that they were intensifying the investigation and would strictly punish violators


Many Fujian Cypress trees of nearly 100 years old cut down


According to Nam Giang District's police, by July 20, around 60 Fujian Cypress trees had been trimmed into 600 long pieces, equal to 44 cubic metres.


A Fujian Cypress trees fell down to the ground, affecting layers of small other trees nearby. 



Many trees are sawn half and then abandoned by loggers after being disturbed.

Timber awaiting transportation

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