Quang Nam locals protest over sand over-exploitation

Many residents in a village in the central province of Quang Nam have protested against a firm they believe is extracting sand from the local area without regard to the environmental damage.


Local residents protest against the company

People in Dai Hong Commune in Dai Loc District proposed that Kim Phu Company must halt their uncontrollable exploitation of sand at Ha Vy along the Vu Gia River.

They said that dozens of trucks loaded with sand leave the area daily. Several machines and excavators noisily operate at the site, creating major holes along the Vu Gia River as they take the sand for sale to construction companies.

Locals have complained that crops have been destroyed.

In response to people’s objection, local officials have visited the site and requested the company to withdraw their vehicles from people’s land.

A man from Ngoc Thach Hamlet in Dai Hong Commune said, “Despite several meetings, no drastic measures have been taken. A lot of farm land has been destroyed due to their exploitation.”

A local woman from Loc Thuan Hamlet said that the work has destroyed a path nearby the river bank, hindering people’s access to their farm land.

Protesters were also threatened by company staff, said Pham Ich Khiem, vice chairman of the communal people’s committee.

Truong Van Huan, from the district Department of Natural Resources and the Environment said they had been ignored when asking for the company to attend a meeting.



People are concerned the sand extraction will leave their field prone to flooding during the rainy season

Since the licence was offered in 2007 floods changed water flow in the river, washing sand and filling in silt for agricultural cultivation which mounted to four hectares out of total 7.15 hectares of licensed areas. Local residents grew crop plants on the silted areas in recent years.

Last September Hong An Company franchised the area to the Kim Phu Company which started to take sand from the area.

Pham Ich Khiem, vice chairman of the communal people’s committee said the company is exploiting sand in their licensed areas.

“We’ve proposed that the provincial government give other areas to the company for sand exploitation so they aren’t affecting farming,” said Khiem.

The provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment has started an inspection into the issue. They were requested to report to the provincial government before August 20 but to date no report has been filed.

Quang Nam lcoals protest over sand overexploitation