Image: Hundreds of tons of toxic trash in Dung Quat

VietNamNet Bridge – Concerned that the Binh Nguyen waste treatment factory will affect human health, local people have blocked trucks carrying waste to its factory, with hundreds of tons of garbage now stuck in residential areas and the Dung Quat Economic Zone in the central province of Quang Ngai.

During the last week, hundreds of people in Binh Son District have blocked garbage trucks from carrying waste to Binh Nguyen waste treatment plant.

A local man Tran Binh said the Binh Nguyen landfill was only 1.5 km from the residential area. "Waste was buried very haphazardly, especially industrial and hazardous wastes. We are blocking trucks from carrying more waste to the landfill because we are afraid that toxins will be absorbed into the underground water resources," Binh said.

Local people said the landfill left garbage under the sun for a long time.

The Binh Nguyen solid waste treatment plant for the Dung Quat Economic Zone was approved by the government with a total area of 20 hectares in Binh Nguyen district. The plant began operating in April 2007, with investment of nearly VND30 billion (nearly $2 million) in phase 1.

In early 2008, the second phase kicked off, with the daily capacity of processing 50-100 tons of household waste and 25,000 tons of industrial waste and 30,000 tons of hazardous waste/year.

This plant treats about 32 tons of household waste, 20 tons of industrial waste and 2 tons of hazardous waste.

The plant’s director Huynh Vinh Phuc said normal waste is burned, hazardous waste is treated by chemical and physical methods, and industrial and construction waste is buried.

Phuc said local people’s concerns were well-founded but it was difficult to find a suitable place to remove the plant.

Phuc said as the people blocked garbage trucks, his plant halted operation. If this situation continues, waste will be stuck in the residential areas and in the Dung Quat Economic Zone.

Phuc said his staff had covered its landfill with canvas and promised to remove its landfill of industrial and hazardous waste as soon as possible.

Local people said the landfill left garbage under the sun for a long time.

Hazardous medical waste.

Hundreds of tons of garbage in the residential areas in Binh Son district.

Waste in front of the People's Committee headquarters of Binh Nguyen district.

Hai Ha
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