Landslides threaten rivers, residents' safety in Hanoi

Serious landslides are occurring in the dyke system along the rivers in the capital of Ha Noi, posing a threat to lives and farm production.

Landslides threaten rivers, residents' safety in Hanoi 

Landslides along the Nhue River in Cau Dien Town, Ha Noi pose a threat to residents and farm production.

Officials from Ha Noi People's Committee inspected landslides in the districts of Chuong My, My Duc, Thanh Oai, Soc Son and Thuong Tin on Wednesday.

They found that a landslide had dumped many tonnes of soil from one dyke into the Tich River in Xuan Tien Commune in Chuong My District.

Bamboo growing along the bank of Bui River in Hong Phong commune had also been swept away by heavy rains.

Twenty seven families living nearby said they were afraid that more of the dyke would disappear.

Continuing landslides along the Day River's dyke system in My Duc District in Thanh Oai District and others next to the Nhue River in Thuong Tin District are also said to threaten agricultural production and the lives of hundreds of residents, according to officials who inspected the situation this week.

Deep cracks have also appeared in the road along the bank of the Yen Coc Canal.

Nguyen Van Xi, a resident from Soc Son District, said his family and another 10 families had to move when the river rose.

"Half my front yard was swept by flood water, creating cracks in the walls of my house." Xi said.

Deputy Chairman of Ha Noi People's Committee, Tran Xuan Viet, asked the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to propose ways of preventing further landslides in the protective dyke system before the hurricane season hit..

According to Ha Duc Trung, Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, many landslides along the dyke system are caused by people building houses on dykes, dredging from the banks of the river and using overloaded trucks. 


Landslides threaten rivers, residents' safety in Hanoi