1,300ha of forest in Dak Lak destroyed under absentee management

VietNamNet Bridge – Deforestation in Ban Don ecological forest cannot be stopped because it is unclear who is in charge of forest management.

Vietnam, Dak Lak province, forestVietnam, Dak Lak province, forest

Vietnam, Dak Lak province, forest

In late 2014, local newspapers repeatedly rang the alarm over forest devastation in the Ban Don ecological forest in Buon Don District of Dak Lak Province.

In response, the provincial authorities promised to take prompt action to stop the deforestation, but nothing happened.

In the latest news, the Dak Lak Rubber Company (Dakruco), which is believed to be the unit in charge of managing and developing the forest, has denied responsibility.

In May 2005, the Dak Lak provincial People’s Committee released a decision on leasing 1,300 hectares of natural forest in Krong Na Commune to Dakruco, which planned to develop the Ban Don eco-tourism & culture tourist site.

The Eco Resort and Spa Center, a branch of Dakruco, was established at that time to manage the project.

In 2011, Dakruco put the branch into equitization, turning it into the Ban Don Trade & Tourist JSC.

As the company performed badly and lost management, the 1,300 hectares of forestland was destroyed, said Nguyen Hoai Duong, deputy director of the Dak Lak provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, on February 2.

In June 2013, the Buon Don Forest Rangers’ Unit discovered a case of illegal exploitation of 46 cubic meters of wood.

In September 2014, the police discovered 10 precious trees that had been chopped down. Six other illegal logging cases have been discovered since October 2014.

The provincial agencies then sent dispatches to Dakruco, requesting to take necessary measures to rebuild strict control over the forest.

In September 2014, after realizing that Dakruco did not do anything as instructed, the Buon Don District authorities proposed to the provincial authorities to take back forestland allocated before to Dakruco.

The Dak Lak Forest Rangers’ Unit then also proposed to take back forestland as Dakruco was incapable of continuing to manage the forest.

However, Dakruco on December 11, 2014 sent a dispatch to appropriate agencies saying that it is not in charge of managing the forest.

Dakruco said it has officially asked provincial authorities to take back the 1,300 hectares of forestland, and it has handed over forestland to the Ban Don Trade & Tourist JSC.

The Buon Don District’s Police, when investigating the forest devastation case, also says that Ban Don Trade & Tourist JSC, not Dakruco, has to take the responsibility as the forest owner.

Lao Dong

Vietnam, Dak Lak province, forest