When teachers scold, curse and beat students

VietNamNet Bridge – Educators and parents now feel worried as more and more video clips show the rude behaviors committed by teachers towards students.

educators, school violence, school scandals

Two students fight back the teacher. Photo taken from a clip.

“Your parents are so evil-starred because they have such a cheeky son like you”, “You are so ill-bred”, “Why cannot you open your eyes to what I teach you?” – the words were uttered from a teacher, who, at the same time, slapped students repeatedly on their faces.

These scenes were seen in a 3-minute video clip filmed secretly in a classroom in Hanoi showing four male students standing before the class and getting a ruthless scolding from a teacher.

The video clip has raised anger among netizens, who commented that the slang words must not be used by a teacher, especially when he was at school.

The teacher is Nguyen Dinh T, 27, of the Bac Giang-based Dong Kinh people founded High School at a school’s branch in Hanoi.

L, the manager of the branch, affirmed that beating students must not be the education method applied at school.

“Teacher T lost his temper at that moment and committed such a ruthless behavior,” L said. “We on January 11, 2014, asked the teacher to stop teaching for two weeks and report the details of the case to the board of management.”

However, the school’s board of management highly appreciates the qualification and the morality of the teacher. L said the teacher has been working there for four years as a good chemistry teacher. His students have always been leading the school with high learning achievements.

A colleague of teacher T at the same school said T is beloved by students, who call him “mother T”, because the teacher has been close and attached to students. The teacher reportedly feeds, clothes and teaches five students at his home.

Why did the qualified and beloved teacher make such ruthless behavior to students?

The teacher said that some students made noise at a lesson on January 10 and they ignored the warning of the teacher. Therefore, he lost his temper and heaped the insults on the students.

In another clip, posted on Internet some days ago, a teacher was seen slapping a student in black shirt repeatedly on his face.

Another male student came closer to the teacher and asked: “Why did you hit him so violently?”

When the teacher tried to hit the other student on the face, the student fought back to the teacher. The fight was stopped by some students who dissuaded the student from beating the teacher. However, he still shouted: “Do we pay money to you to get slaps from you?”

The images in the video clip and the voice of the portraits made people believe that the thing happened at a high school in Phu Phong town, Tay Son district of Binh Dinh province.

Educators recently have continuously complained about the increasingly serious school violence.

Prior to that, a teacher of the Hang Hai High School in Hai Phong City, in late 2012 was disciplined for her cursing at students.

Chi Mai

educators, school violence, school scandals