Da Nang City delays the plan to sue talents

VietNamNet Bridge – The Da Nang City People’s Committee has decided to give a grace period of 3 months, so that the families of the learners of the City’s Program on training and developing talents who broke the contracts, to arrange money for compensation.

Da Nang City sues talents for breaking contracts

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The relatives of the three learners who could be the first defendants in the lawsuit to be raised by the city’s authorities, all said they have no news from the learners.

N, the wife of Nguyen Van L, who is also an officer of the Da Nang City Department of Science and Technology, said she did not know where her husband was and what he was doing because the two of them did not keep contact.

“Who breaks pays. I did not get involved in the case. I myself want him to return to Vietnam and settle the problem,” N said to Tien Phong reporters.

L is an officer of the city’s science and technology department, who is following a postgraduate course in Australia. His wife and children now live in Da Nang.

Meanwhile, according to Nguoi lao dong, in early 2013, Ha Thanh An got a full scholarship to follow a training course for doctorate in the UK. An then asked for the permission to stay off work for a period to follow the course.

The proposal was refused by the city’s leaders, even though An promised to return to Vietnam after the study. However, An still decided to receive the scholarship, the opportunity that she thought would come only once in one’s life.

An’s father, Ha Phuoc Nga, said that the family would not have VND3 billion to pay to the city as compensation.

Meanwhile, Xuan Mai, the mother of Ho Thi Nhu Mai, affirmed that her daughter does not break the contract with the city. She is now in the UK and she would return to Vietnam after some time. The mother also said she doesn’t have VND3 billion to pay to the city.

Dr. Vo Van Sen, President of the HCM City University of Social Sciences and Humanity, thinks it’s not a good idea to sue intellectuals.

“The majority of intellectuals and scientists don’t want to be bound to do what they don’t want. Any rough treatments would badly affect their morale,” Sen said. In order to persuade talents to work for Vietnamese agencies, it’d better to create most favorable working conditions for them.

He has also warned that the foreign organizations that granted scholarships to Vietnamese learners may keep unfriendly thoughts about Vietnamese agencies.

Also according to Sen, about 10 percent of the school’s lecturers, who studied abroad on the scholarships allocated by the State or granted by foreign organizations, did not continue their works after returning to Vietnam.

President of the HCM City University of Technique Education Do Van Dung also said the current laws don’t say learners have to return to work in Vietnam. They have the right to choose suitable jobs on the labor market.

Dung said if the talents are forced to take the unwanted jobs and work for the agencies where they cannot find good working conditions, they would work reluctantly. If so, the local authorities would not be able to use “talents.”

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talents, sue, education, training, da nang