Students failing university entrance exams solicited by non-state schools

VietNamNet Bridge – Non-state owned universities and vocational schools have been quietly hunting for the students failing the university entrance exams--to invite them to study at their schools.

Most of the state owned universities have made public the required marks for students to enter the schools. And it’s now the time for less prestigious schools, people-founded schools, to look for learners who failed the university entrance exams.

Le Truong An, a student in Thanh Tri district in Hanoi, has been depressed by the bad news that he failed the entrance exams to the Hanoi Economics University.

However, while the economics school refused to enroll An, other schools are soliciting a welcome to An . An has received so many invitations to study at junior colleges, people-founded universities and vocational schools.

Though An never before applied for studying at the schools, he would still be welcomed by them.

One of the invitations was from Aptech Hanoi, an information technology school which informed that students should register admission until the end of August 10, while the new academic year would open on August 18.

An has been told that he does not need to show high school learning records or university entrance exam mark notification, while he just needs to present the invitation for study, curriculum vitae and two photos. In the letter of invitation, the school also informed that the three-year tuition package would be some 45 million dong.

Nguyen Kieu Trang in Vinh Phuc province has also received 5-6 letters of invitation to study at different schools. A lot of advertisement leaflets have also been sent to Trang, and she can register to enroll in any schools she wants at any time.

As such, Trang now has many other choices to continue studying after finishing high school, even though she has failed the exams to the school she wanted.

However, the wide range of choices has made Trang puzzled. “Only the letter from the Dong A Technology University shows clear information about the school and the training curriculum. Meanwhile, the information about other schools proves to be very vague. Therefore, I do not know what school to choose.”

Solicited with a welcome by schools, the students failing the university entrance exams like Trang still do not feel happy.

“Schools have been racing to scramble for learners. Students should consider their ability and learn more about the schools before making decision,” Dr Nguyen Tung Lam, Chair of the Hanoi Education Psychology Association, said, adding that students should be cautious with education ad pieces.

Dr Le Thanh Mai from the HCM City has advised students not to insist on university education. If they fail the exams, they can enroll in vocational schools or junior colleges instead of waiting opportunities in the next year’s exams.

However, Mai has warned that students should be cautious with the learning opportunities from the schools which set very low requirements. The schools just strive to enroll more students for bigger profits, while they do not care much about the training quality.

The Ministry of Education and Training has informed that 300,000 seats have been available at vocational schools. A lot of the schools do not organize entrance exams, while they would enroll students after considering high school records.

HUTECH, a technology university in HCM City, for example, is seeking students for the school’s 2.5-year training system by considering high school records. Bui Xuan Lam, Deputy President of the school, said that students would be able to pass credit to follow the university education level, if they want.

Compiled by Kim Chi