Suicide cases show Vietnamese students lack life skills

VietNamNet Bridge – Psychologists have pointed out that the increasing number of students committing suicides show the lack of life skills of Vietnamese students and the inappropriate attention of schools to the teaching of life skills to students.

The unbelievable reasons behind students’ suicide cases

Students need to learn life skills
The death of three female 7th grade students of the Phan Chu Trinh Secondary School in Dak Mil district of Dak Nong province has stunned the public, families, classmates and the school’s teachers. The three good, obedient students, diligent in study and responsible daughters in their families, committed suicide with the same drink and died on the same day.

Lacking life skills

According to the investigation agency, the diaries and letters left by the three female students showed that they did not want to live any longer and they had family problems.

The classmates of the girls said that the three were close friends who always shared thoughts and sympathy. They once talked about the problems of their families: the father got drunk, or the father usually scolded the children.

If these were the main reasons that prompted the three female students to end their lives, experts said, there exists a serious gap in the students’ knowledge about the life. Meanwhile, the students did not get the assistance from friends, relatives and educators to overcome the psychological problems.

The inappropriate care for students can explain why a 12th grader of the Dien Chau High School in Nghe An province gave birth right in the class during the lesson, while no one knew before about her pregnancy.

Do Thi Hai, Deputy Director of Institute of Environmental Studies and Social Affairs, said that the teenagers’ sexual intercourse, unwanted pregnancy, suicides, teenager gangsters or prostitution all have been caused by the lack of life skills.

She said that young people at the age of 10-19 witness many big changes in their mind, while they still do not have clear orientations in their lives. The young people are living in a modern society with complicated changes everyday. They need the support from families and schools, but the families and schools are not the reliable friends.

Associate Professor Dr Nguyen Vo Ky Anh from the Vietnam Society for Study Encouragement, also agrees that Vietnamese students still lack many necessary life skills. A lot of students get embarrassed when they face problems and do not know what they should do to overcome the difficulties.

Teaching life skills, when?

The lack of students’ life skills has been mentioned by many psychologists, while schools have been trying to put the lessons on life skills into the curriculum. However, it is still necessary to discuss about what and how to teach.

To date, there have been no curriculum or standard books on teaching life skills to students. Therefore, schools have been teaching life skills with their own ways. Life skills are only mentioned in the citizen education lessons, while the lessons just provide general knowledge, while students do not understand how the knowledge is necessary and useful to them.

Psychologists have pointed out that teaching life skills is like teaching swimming. Students need to jump into the swimming ponds to learn swimming, while they will not be able to swim, if they just stand ashore. As such, it is necessary to teach life skills to students from the day they enter general school.

The recent cases of students committing suicide have forced the parents in big cities to pay more attention to their children’s life skills. Many of them have decided to bring their children to life skill training centers. Meanwhile, in rural and remote areas, learning life skills is still a far away thing.

Source: Lao dong