UK, Vietnam collaborate to raise English-teaching standards
This year’s British Council New Directions in English Language and Assessment conference will be held in Hanoi on October 13-14.

Policy makers, educational professionals, academics and teachers will interact, exchange information and get updated on leading developments in the field of English language teaching, learning and assessment.

At the conference, experts from the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) National Foreign Languages Project 2020—together with experts from the UK and other countries—will look specifically at language testing in Vietnam, its challenges and opportunities for development in order to support English students across the whole country.

"Good language testing is an essential part of the language learning process. We’re delighted that the East Asia New Directions Conference will be held this year in Vietnam," Cherry Gough, Director of the British Council in Vietnam, said.

The conference will bring together the best UK, Vietnamese and East Asian experts in language testing to share research and best practices and to help Vietnamese teachers, institutions and employers find new ways to test real English language proficiency.

"The UK is supporting teachers and learners of English across Vietnam through the British Council. We are proud to support the Vietnamese government in its effort to build its human capital with English. Knowledge of the English language creates opportunities for international education, better employment and connections with people and organisations across the world," the official said.

New Directions is a series of expert-led events in East Asia that brings international and national perspectives and insights into trends and approaches in English language teaching, learning and assessment. The MoET National Foreign Language Project 2020 is a full partner.


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