Vietnam halts new model university project

Vietnam will surprising not co-operate with any foreign governments to open more universities until at least 2020 according to a new decision by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

The PM requested a focus on developing the existing two national universities in Hanoi and HCM City into leading universities which will gradually reach regional and world standards.


Students taking part in the entrance exam at the Vietnam National University-Hanoi in July 2015.

The PM also said the three existing universities in the New Model University Project including the Vietnamese-German University, the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, and the Vietnam-Japan University needed to be developed into world-class universities.

The Ho Chi Minh City National University and the Institute of Science and Technology will manage the operation of the Vietnam-Germany University and the Hanoi University of Science and Technology. They will now inspect their situation and report to the PM by September 15.

The Vietnamese government has been co-operating in constructing three international research universities under the New Model University Project in the country with the ambitious target of seeing them ranked in the top 200 universities in the world by 2020.

They will be the first public universities in the country to hire foreign administrators, and in the initial stages 50-80 percent of the lecturers would be professors from abroad. The training of Vietnamese lecturers will allow the proportion of foreign lecturers to fall to 30 percent by the tenth year of operation.

Vietnam-Germany University (VGU) was established in 2008 in HCM City with 35 first students studying electrical engineering and information technology. The school is expected to have 5,000 students by 2020.

VGU uses German curriculums ‘customised’ them to the ‘needs’ of Vietnamese higher education. Students receive a German university degree.

VGU aims to become the leading research university in Vietnam.

Last year, PM Dung approved the establishment of the Vietnam-Japan University under the Vietnam National University-Hanoi with an estimated investment of US$330 million, including more than $200 million in official development aid from the Japanese government, roughly $30 million from the Vietnamese government, and approximately $100 million from Japanese enterprises and organisations.

The school plans to offer a wide range of subjects such as science, technology, healthcare, nursing, agriculture, Japanese language, law, economics, and business administration.

The university has again set an ambitious target of being ranked among the 50 best universities in Asia by 2025 with the capability to teach around 6,000 students, including about 2,400 post-graduates.

According to the website Vietnam had only three universities in the top 300 in Asia in 2014, while the Webmetrics Ranking of World Universities for 2014 saw the top Vietnamese university rank at 23,650 globally, underlining the difficulty of the task.

Vietnam halts new model university project