National exam for university, high school satisfies students
VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) now can sigh with relief as teachers all highly appreciate the way national exam questions were designed. 

Vietnam, national exam, high school, exam questions

The questions needed to be easy enough for students to solve to finish high school, but needed to be difficult enough for universities to select best students for them.

Some analysts even commented that this was an impossible mission, and therefore, doubted the feasibility of the 2-in-1 national exam (one exam is organized instead of separate high school finals and university entrance exam).

However, MOET showed it can do this. Hoang Duc Cong, a math teacher at Einstein High School in Hanoi, noted that math questions were structured in a reasonable way.

“65 percent of math questions relate to the knowledge students learn in the 12th grade, 20 percent in the 11th grade and 15 percent in 10th grade,” Cong noted.

When asked to compare this year’s questions with the previous years’, Cong said this year’s questions are a bit easier, which allows  students in remote and rural areas to have better scores.

However, the question No 9 and No 10  challenged students, which might be designed for good and excellent students.

Regarding English exam questions, Vo Thi My Dung, a teacher from Einstein High School, noted the question structure resembles the sample questions provided before by the Ministry of Education and Training. 

Dung believes that students with average learning capability can do 50-60 percent of exam questions.

Lai Tien Minh, a lecturer of the Hanoi Architecture University, noted that students with average learning capacity can easily get a five score, while good students a 7-8. However, he thinks few students can obtain a 9 or 10, because the two final questions are very difficult.

Students also are satisfied about the exam questions. Nguyen Thi Thao My, an examinee from Dong Nai province, noted the exam questions were reasonable and not too difficult for students with average learning capacity.

“I am sure I can finish high school,” My said. “However, the last three math questions were really difficult.”

Vu Thi Hong Tien, also from Dong Nai province, said students just need to master basic knowledge to do more than half of the questions.

“I could solve 70 percent of the questions,” she said.

Regarding the exam structure, Deputy Minister of Education and Training Bui Van Ga said that 60-70 percent of questions require students’ basic knowledge they received in the 12th grade.

More than one million students sit for the national high school exam, which began on July 1 in 38 testing centers throughout the country. 

Thanh Mai

Vietnam, national exam, high school, exam questions