Strange-shaped fruits sell well

VietNamNet Bridge – Strange-shaped fruits like wine-gourd shaped pomelos and watermelons, and square and gold-bullion shaped watermelons grown in the Mekong Delta are attracting attention of traders and individual consumers.

Economic woes make traders more hesitant, but thanks to new market participants, these unique fruits as decorative products for the festive time still sell well.

Vo Trung Thanh, owner of a garden of wine-gourd shaped pomelos in Hau Giang’s Chau Thanh District told the Daily that of the 8,000 wine-gourd shaped pomelos for sale during the upcoming Tet holiday, 5,000 had been ordered. The sales pick up 150% compared to the same period last year.

He attributed the higher consumption to a year-on-year rise in the number of customers. “The purchasing power (for these items) is strong because those failing to buy goods last year come earlier this year,” he explained.

However, in terms of order value, the largest order this year is placed for 500 pomelos, worth some VND250 million, versus VND750 million last year, said Thanh.

Meanwhile, wine-gourd shaped watermelons produced by Thanh Huy Garden also sell like hot cakes. The estimated output of the garden is around 2,800 fruit, while the order volume is 4,500.

As for square and gold-bullion shaped watermelons, a garden in Binh Thuy District in Can Tho City has recorded a sharp increase in order quantity. Though traders seem to be more hesitant, the total order volume is higher as there are a lot of new customers, said Tran Thanh Liem, owner of the garden.

He informed his garden would grow about 100 pairs of square watermelon and 350 pairs of gold-bullion shaped watermelon, up 100 pairs against last year.

In comparison with last year, prices of wine-gourd shaped pomelos, square and gold-bullion shaped watermelons do not change much. A wine-gourd shaped pomelo is priced at VND300,000-700,000, while gold-bullion shaped watermelons are sold at VND2.2-3 million a pair and square watermelon VND1.3 million a pair.

Meanwhile, wine-gourd shaped watermelons, which are just available on the market in recent two seasons, have recorded price increases.

A wine-gourd shaped watermelon with words imprinted on its skin is sold at VND1.5-2 million at farming gardens, while one without words is sold at VND1-1.5 million depending on its weight.

Source: SGT

Strange-shaped fruits, garden of wine-gourd shaped pomelos in Hau Giang, square and gold-bullion shaped watermelons