Ad market: Internet and mobile phone to enter into rivalry with TV

VietNamNet Bridge – TV still dominates the advertisement market. However, the position may change in the near future amid the youth’s changes in their habits of using media.

The market survey conducted by TNS Media Vietnam in the second quarter of 2012 in six socio-economic areas has found out big changes in the consumers’ taste, which would lead to the significant changes in the advertisement market.

4800 households and 4800 people aged from 15 to 54 were polled during the survey.

Consumers changed their taste

TV remains the most popular equipment in every Vietnamese households with 27 percent of households found has having two TV sets or more. Especially, in Mekong River Delta, six percent of households have been found as having three TV sets or more.

TV is also the kind of media that has the highest number of audience in Vietnam with 83 percent of populating watching TV every day. In the eastern area of the south, including HCM City, 63 percent of households use cable TV. The diversification of TV channels has helped attracted more viewers.

On average, a household in Vietnam can watch 20 different TV channels, while the figure is 39 in the western area of the south. Especially, in the region, there are more cable TV channels than popular channels, more foreign cable channels than domestic ones.

Every day, a Vietnamese spends 200-256 minutes watching TVs, while he spends 33-76 to access to Internet. Meanwhile, he only spends 5-28 minutes to read newspaper or journal, 12-44 minutes to listen to radio, and 18-49 minutes to watch video and audio clips.

The residents in the eastern area of the south are leading the country in terms of the time to listen to radio, read newspaper and access to Internet, while Mekong Delta is leading in terms of the time spent on watching TVs and video clips.

The survey has found that Internet has become more popular among people. 1.30 pm – 5 pm is the time called “golden hours,” which attract the highest number of TV watchers. It is also the time when the number of subscribers accessing to Internet is the highest during the day.

The lower costs for watching TV or using the Internet explains why people favor these two kinds of media than others (newspapers, video clips…).

Internet is on the rise in ad market

77 percent of users like watching advertisement pieces on TV because they can both see the images and listen to the sounds, while 35 percent of polled people said they like the ads on Internet.

In the Mekong Delta and the eastern area of the south, printed newspapers are more favored than Internet. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese youth now follows media consumption way. For example, the number of young people accessing to Internet is higher than the average rate during 8-12 am and 1.30-5 pm. More young people read newspapers than people of the other ages.

Truong Si Anh from TNS Media has noted that despite the higher popularity of Internet, TV remains the most effective channel for advertisement.

Foreign business groups have been focusing on posting ad pieces on TV channels. The total advertisement turnover in 2011, not including outdoor billboards, reached 1.2 billion dollars, of which TV ad turnover accounted for 81 percent.

In the first six months of 2012, while the whole ad industry was in big difficulties, TV ads still obtained the satisfactory growth rate of 34 percent. Meanwhile, the ad turnover of newspapers and journals saw a modest increase, and the advertisements on Internet grew by 1.5 percent.

Compiled by Thu Uyen