Stock market to remain quiet ahead of Tet holiday
1/23/2017 11:00:36 AM (GMT+7)
 The stock market will likely remain quiet this week as investors hold back from making further purchases, lowering trading liquidity, brokerage companies say.

Institutional reforms hastened by EVFTA
1/23/2017 11:04:19 AM (GMT+7)
 Hastening institutional reform and improving competitiveness has become more pressing than ever for Vietnam to help firms grab opportunities from several new-generation free trade agreements (FTAs).

Cash payment declines by 2 percent in six years
1/23/2017 10:59:46 AM (GMT+7)
 Cash as a mode of payment has declined in the country by 2 percent in the past six years, from 14.02 percent in 2010 to the current 12 percent.

CEOs, managers pocket billions of dong in Tet bonuses
1/22/2017 2:39:14 PM (GMT+7)
Reports about ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) and Tet bonus programs from businesses show that those who have received the biggest bonuses were mid- and high-ranking managers.

FDI to Vietnam to increase, say officials
1/22/2017 3:27:52 PM (GMT+7)
 Foreign direct investment (FDI) inflow to Viet Nam is expected to increase in 2017, said Do Nhat Hoang, director of the Foreign Investment Agency under the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Is combining lunar, solar new year festivities a way to reduce waste?
1/23/2017 8:00:00 AM (GMT+7)
Some scholars, who believe the celebration of both solar and lunar new years is unnecessary as it causes a waste of resources, have suggested merging the two celebrations.

Vietnam-Japan trade expected to surge in 2017
1/21/2017 4:42:38 PM (GMT+7)
The Vietnam-Japan trade is expected to reach a new height in 2017 as the two countries have agreed on many measures to boost the trade exchange.

Top 500 Vietnamese enterprises in 2016 announced
1/21/2017 4:41:30 PM (GMT+7)
 The list of top 500 companies in Vietnam in 2016 was announced at a ceremony in Hanoi on January 19.

Vietnam reaffirms priorities in APEC Year 2017
1/21/2017 4:37:10 PM (GMT+7)
 Vietnam, as the host of APEC 2017, will maintain the consistence of priorities in the year, said Chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vu Tien Loc.

The unlucky investors in the stock market in 2016
1/22/2017 2:38:06 PM (GMT+7)
VietNamNet Bridge - The securities investors in 2016 who bought shares with small capitalization value were the unluckiest investors in 2016. Those who held Truong Thanh shares ended up with nothing.

Wallonia parliament holds third hearing on EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement
1/21/2017 4:34:35 PM (GMT+7)
 The parliament of Belgium’s Wallonia region held the third hearing on the European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) on January 19. 

Competition in farm-material growing areas heats up
1/21/2017 10:00:00 AM (GMT+7)
VietnamNet Bridge - Many foreign conglomerates have jumped into the Vietnamese farm produce market after Vietnam signed a series of FTAs.