Looking back at a time of smoke and fire
VietNamNet Bridge – Propaganda posters with the themes: Vietnam definitely wins, Hanoi is determined to follow Uncle Ho’s words, nothing is more precious than independence and freedom bring us back to a time of smoke and fire.

Some 40 of 1,000 propaganda posters with great historical value in the war of resistance against America are on display at the 4th exhibition of painter Truong Sinh in Hanoi.

In Vietnam, propaganda posters are attached to the struggle for national liberation. They played an important role in serving the task of political propaganda, revolutionary struggle and mass mobilization associated with the revolution. They also become a strong spiritual weapon in the process of struggling for national independence.

After the country’s reunification, propaganda posters contributed to urge all people to rebuild the country and protect the achievements of the revolution. From these results, propaganda posters passed the "political task" to become an important part in the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people.

Painter Truong Sinh, an artist of the Hanoi Department of Culture and Information from 1960-1990 period, is famous for propaganda painters. The posters on display in this exhibition are priceless works that were published on newspapers and displayed at many exhibitions.

The exhibition will close on 31/12/2012.

Keep moving.

Improving labor productivity, 1972

Shooting down 3,500 U.S. planes, 1972

The 100th anniversary of Lenin's birthday

Victory on Road 9, South Laos, 1971

Boosting production to support the battlefield, 1971

Hooray the feat of arms of shooting down 1,900
American planes, 1971

Determination to successfully implement the state plan, 1972

Work in response to the “Three responsibilities” movement

Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom

Beloved Vietnam

Nixown has to pay blood debt.

3,000 American planes shot down.

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