Europe Days in Vietnam 2015

VietNamNet Bridge - Set to provide a bridge for cross-cultural exchange, the “Europe Days 2015” program will come back to open a window into the richness of the European Union’s different cultural traditions with a series of entertaining and intellectual activities.

Europe Days in Vietnam 2015

Since its inception in 2004, the “Europe Days” program has gained resounding success and growing public attention, thus establishing itself as a prominent feature in the Vietnamese cultural calendar.

The “Europe Days” program celebrates Europe Day, 9 May, when the “Schuman Declaration” – the foundation for the beginning of what is the European Union today- was made in 1950. Since then, the EU has grown into a union of 28 Member States, which now unites the European continent in peace and ensures a level of prosperity and stability previously unknown in the history of Europe.

“Europe Day” is therefore the occasion for activities that bring Europe closer to its citizens and strengthen the many bonds that Europe has established with nations around the world, including Vietnam.

Speaking at a press conference about the program today, Ambassador – Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam Dr Franz Jessen said “Sixty five years have passed since the Schuman declaration. Today Europe Day is an opportunity for all of us to commemorate past achievements and to look ahead at how we can shape our European future together. On 9 May, we also celebrate our anniversary with our partners around the world. In Vietnam there will be special celebrations, as the EU and Vietnam are celebration 25 years of diplomatic relations this year”.

He added, “This year, the EU and Vietnam celebrate the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic relation. During the last 25 years, the relation has developed comprehensively and vividly. Beyond traditional political, trade and economic and development ties, public diplomacy exchanges play a vital role in bringing the EU closer Vietnamese citizens. The Europe Days program is the finest example of the public diplomacy. I am so delighted to see increasing public attention every year and expect it to continue this trend this year”.

Highlights of the “Europe Days 2015” program in Vietnam include:

A prominent event is the Europe Day concert by The Red Sock Brassquintett from Germany. The brass ensemble has a wide-ranging repertoire, reaching from old masters such as Bach or Handel to American composers of the 20th century, from jazz to Argentine Tango. The special composition of the ensemble with five brass instruments promises an impressive sound and more promisingly, can now be heard in a joint performance with traditional Vietnamese instruments of the bamboo ensemble “Suc Song Moi” (New Vitality), directed by Dong Quang Vinh.

The breath-taking scene of the “Europe Days 2015” is a laser performance in Hanoi. The laser light show, using the modern art projection, promises to treat your eyes to an unforgettable entertaining experience at 7.30 to 8.30 pm on the evening of the 8th of May, 2015. The show will fly you to Europe, through typical European architectures and immerse viewers in impressive beams of European images as well as symbols of the relation between the European Union and Vietnam. The striking part of the show is colourful lasers will decorate and illuminate the beautiful façade of the Opera House, setting up the place in the most stunning view.

The diversity of European cultural traditions will manifest itself in the four-day European Literature event in Hanoi, from 7 to 10 May, organised by the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC), presenting literature from Europe for the fifth time in Hanoi. Readings and workshops will enthusiast the visitors in the same way like live-drawing events and short movies. From criminal novels up to short stories and graphic novels there is something for everyone at every age.

The European Food Festival will feature some of the most famous hotels and restaurants in Hanoi that will serve their take on the European kitchen, creating a wealth of food through the creations of their different talented chefs. The festival further promises the visitors a great cultural journey through cuisines of Europe, with a selection of some of the wonderful dishes that have made Europe world famous for its culinary diversity.

At the Goethe-Institut, a Special Exhibition will be held from 10 to 31 May to present selected illustrations of the award-winning German graphic artist Reinhard Kleist. The exhibition shows extracts and illustrations from six of his graphic novels, including two illustrations from his so far unpublished biography about the singer Nick Cave.

Remarkably, the European Film Festival promises to delight Vietnamese spectators with inspiring 13 films, presenting a variety of enchanting works by European film makers. The Festival will officially kick off in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City on 15 May, 16 May and 17 May respectively.

Top winners of the Writing Contest entitled “What impresses you most about Europe, write it down and win a return ticket to Brussels” will be announced at a special prize award ceremony. The contest, running from late January to early May, is an initiative of the Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam to promote mutual understanding, and particularly to raise the awareness of Vietnamese young generation of the EU’s presence in the country.

A Film Concert, in which Ad van Dongen (composer/sound designer) and Do Kien Cuong (composer/conductor) restage the German classic silent film Nosferatu, approaching the film in a new way to exploit musically the whole potential of the story will eventually complete the arrays of the Europe Days 2015 program.

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Europe Days in Vietnam 2015