S Korea helps with copyright protection

S Korea helps with copyright protection

Vietnamese and South Korean agencies have signed a memorandum of understanding under which the latter will provide technical know-how for copyright protection in the music industry.

Under the MoU signed during a seminar held on Friday in Ha Noi, the Korean side will show their Vietnamese counterparts how to control the number of times a song can be downloaded from a website. Based on this, the Viet Nam Centre for Protection of Music Copyright (VNCPMC) can calculate and collect royalty for composers.

Yu Byong-han, chairman of the Korea Copyright Commission, said Korean experts are willing to share their experience and technology with Vietnamese managers.

"We update continuously the technology for copyright protection and digital forensic investigation," Yu said.

"Korea is not rich in natural resources. That's why we value the human resources. For us, each creative work is a treasure.

"We try our best to protect the rights for creators and encourage them to work," Yu added.

The Viet Nam and South Korea Copyright Seminar drew the participation of numerous Vietnamese and South Korean experts who spoke on different issues relating to copyright, especially in the context of cultural exchanges between the two countries.

The protection of copyrights and related rights is not taken very seriously in Viet Nam yet, said VNCPMC director Pho Duc Phuong.

"Many artistes have complained that their works are used without their permission and they don't receive any royalty from such use," he said.

Viet Nam faces several obstacles in collecting royalty and managing copyrights, Phuong said, adding one of them was the difficulty in controlling the download of songs from music websites.

Phuong said that after 12 years since its inception, his agency had paid composers a royalty of US$8 million in total, while a counterpart organisation in the US collected $3 billion in just one year.

Vu Ngoc Hoan, director of the Copyright Office of Viet Nam (COV), stressed the importance of copyright protection in the global integration process.

"Artistes will maintain their creativity and keep their minds on work as long as they know that they are respected and their rights are protected," Hoan said.

Big cities host Vietnam-EU Documentary Film Fest

For the sixth time, European cultural institutes and embassies in the capital together with the Viet Nam National Documentary and Scientific Film Studio will present European and Southeast Asian documentary films tonight.

During the festival, which starts tonight, each film from Viet Nam will be followed by one from Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and Britain.

Opening the festival will be Vietnamese film Khi Khong The Vuot Qua Chinh Minh (When You Cannot Overcome Yourself) and German film Forget Me Not.

Directed in 2009 by Trinh Quang Tung and Bui Thi Phuong Thao, the Vietnamese film tells the negative side of fast economic growth.

According to the film-makers, the more developed society is, the higher the number of people with mental breakdowns.

When You Cannot Overcome Yourself calls on audiences not to be indifferent to the illness because it can happen to anyone.

In the award winning German contribution, Forget Me Not, director David Sieveking tells of his mother's suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Although the story seems heavy, the director presents a family chronicle full of humour and astonishing sincerity.

The screening will be presented with film editor Catrin Vogt.

The other European films will be screened on the following days including French La Maison de la Radio, Spanish Gaelle, British Dreams of a Life, Polish Boleslaw Matuszewski – The Unknown Pioneer of Cinematography, Danish Human Scale, and Austrian Tomorrow You will Leave.

The film Tomorrow You Will Leave is the emotional journey throught the life of Quang, the filmmaker's father. A long time ago, he left Viet Nam and now lives in a small village in Austria. In the film, he goes in search for a man he could never thank for his help in those days.

Bulgaria and Sweden will present their join contribution Tzvetanka. The filmmaker's grandmother of the same name critically reviews the three political systems she has gone through: monarchy, socialism and democracy.

The films from Viet Nam consist of Nguoi Giu Lua (Fire Keeper); Dong Dat Song Than, Tham Hoa Khon Luong (Tsunami, Earthquake – Immeasurable Disasters); Dinh A Mu Sung (Mount A Mu Sung); Co Xanh Im Lang (The Silent Grass); Hai Phia Cuoc Doi (Two Sides of a Life); Triet Gia Tran Duc Thao (Philosopher Tran Duc Thao); Dau Neo Ve Con Xa (Hard Road Home); and Dao Sac Phong (Royal Recognition Decree).

Films by young filmmakers from Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand and Viet Nam will be screened in Ha Noi and in HCM City on June 7 and 22.

In Ha Noi, the Viet Nam National Documentary and Scientific Film Studio will host the screenings at 7pm at 465 Hoang Hoa Tham Street.

In HCM City, the screenings will be held at 6.30pm at Hoa Sen University, 8 Nguyen Van Trang Street, District 1.

On the sideline activities of the festival, two workshops will be held by the Goethe Institute. From June 3 to 6, German editor Catrin Vogt will teach editing skills and give a talk on Dramaturgical Editing of Documentary Films at DocLab, a documentary film centre at 56 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. It will be open to all interested professionals.

At the same time, another workshop will be held in co-operation with STEPS, a non-governmental organisation.

STEPS co-founder and Finnish director Iikka Vehkalahti will also discuss strategies to initiate a global documentary film project Steps to Dream.

The project intends to produce documentary films with stories from Asia.

Vietnam Week begins in French province

A “Vietnam Week” is taking place in French province of Seine-Saint-Denis as part of activities to celebrate the 2014 Vietnam Year in France.

The event, the first of its kind hosted by the locality, is a good chance to promote Vietnamese culture and strengthen the friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

Addressing the opening ceremony on June 2, Jean-Charles Negre, Vice President of the Provincial Council, underscored the importance of the event, which is one of many arranged to mark the 40th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties.

He praised the effectiveness of the projects invested by Seine-Saint-Denis in Vietnam’s Hai Duong province, which were launched in 2006 in the realms of culture, health care, planning, education and training.

Ambassador to France Duong Chi Dung praised the province’s idea to hold the event, which he described as a great chance for participants to discover more about Vietnam as well as the Vietnam-France friendship.

At the ceremony, a film titled “Vietnam – Secret negotiations” by French director Daniel Roussel was screened, together with an exhibition on the Vietnam-France friendship, showcasing many photos and formerly classified wartime documents.

Within the event’s framework, a number of activities will also be organised in various cities in the province.

Special art program of national sea & islands performed in HCMC

A special art program titled “Ho Chi Minh City’s artists look toward national sea and islands” was held at the municipal Youth’s Cultural House on June 2.

More than 200 singers, dancers, actors and actresses performed songs honoring historical tradition and artists’ patriotism as well as affirming faith in the coast guard who plays important role in maintaining sea security.

All proceeds of the program of nearly VND 95 million will be donated to the soldiers protecting the national sea and island .

Stamp series honours Ca tru singing

A set of stamps themed ‘Ca tru - Intangible Cultural Heritage in need of Urgent Safeguarding’ was issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) on June 1.

Designed by painter Nguyen Du of the Vietnam Post Corporation, the set includes three stamps and one block with a total value of VND 38,000.

They feature typical Ca tru (ceremonial singing) performances set in the daily life of Vietnamese people during the feudal period.

The set will be available throughout the postal network until December 31, 2015.

This is the third stamp collection released by the MIC since the beginning of this year, following the ‘Tree frog’ and the ‘60th Anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu Victory (1954 - 2014)’ sets, issued on April 1 and May 5 respectively.

Ca tru singing was practiced mainly in the northern region of Vietnam around the 15th century. The art form comprises a harmonious mixture of poetry and music accompanied by traditional musical instruments. It was recognised as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding on October 1, 2009.

Doctors praised for quick help to labourers

In the context of a recent series of protests, some turning violent, the Ministry of Health presented with certificates of merit to the Ha Tinh General Hospital and their staff.

The area was recently the scene of sometimes violent clashes between pro-Vietnamese protestors and foreign-owned businesses, sometimes involving Vietnamese police.

On June 2, the Department of Health in Ha Tinh Province praised Ha Tinh Medical College for their treatment of victims and awarded certificates of merit to three hospitals in total for their dedication and service during the time. The department also praised 41 outstanding individuals.

The Ministry of Health had already granted certificates of merit to to Dr. Nguyen Quang Truc, head of trauma department at General Hospital of Ha Tinh Province.

On May 14, there were altercations between 5,000 Vietnamese and 1,000 employees at the Formosa project site. The conflicts resulted in one fatality and over one hundred injuries.

Super Star Virgo brings 2,600 visitors to Ha Long Bay

Malaysia’s cruise ship Super Star Virgo arrived in Quang Ninh province on June 3, bringing 2,600 foreign passengers to Ha Long Bay – one of Vietnam’s World Heritage Sites.

The passengers who mainly came from Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian countries departed from Hong Kong on a Vietnam tour to learn about local people’s daily life and discover the beauty of the locality.

The voyage is part of a 2014 cooperation agreement between Saigontourist – Vietnam’s leading tour operator, and Star Cruises - a member of Genting Hong Kong, the third largest cruise liner in the world.

Welcoming the visitors, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ho Anh Tuan said that the Vietnamese government ensures the best security and safety conditions for foreign travelers to the country.

Vietnam is a safe and ideal destination for foreign tourists, he said.

Anh also suggested that leaders of Quang Ninh province strengthen environmental management, security and safety for tourists, expand tourist market overseas, and improve service quality to attract more travellers.


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